How to make sense of a crowded, confused IoT platform landscape?

In my blog post after the IoT World conference in May, I mused that the IoT ecosystem is in danger of confusing the heck out of everyone, and that the countless companies using the term "IoT platform" has rendered the term virtually meaningless.

While some of this is due to the immaturity of the IoT market and vendor landscape in general, it also stems from needless confusion created by broad marketing messages that make it difficult to truly understand what capabilities providers actually deliver.

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Welcoming Myself – and IoT – to the ESG Family

I’m thrilled to be joining ESG and leading their focus on the Internet of Things. While I’m new to ESG, I’m not new to the analyst community nor the world of mobile and disruptive technology.

What’s great about ESG is that I’ll be joining a group of smart, experienced professionals who have spent years understanding the challenges of enterprise technology leaders and advising the ecosystem in so many of the areas IoT touches. I’ll be using this space to share my ideas and thoughts on the rapidly expanding IoT market, and here are some of the concepts that will guide my analysis going forward.

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