VMware EVO and Its Market Impact

In a recent ESG Research Brief, Integrated Computing Platform Trends, 33% of the respondents indicated that are already using an ICP and there are no signs of lifting the foot off the accelerator pedal.

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VCE Continues to Demonstrate Solid Momentum

VCE remains the vendor that, when I mention their name, the lights go on and people seem to get the value of ICPs (integrated computing platforms). While many vendors are participating in this market, VCE’s early market presence and leadership continues to build momentum amongst the industry and its customers.

VCE's most recent announcement was packed with momentum and further validation of the areas of focus they spoke of in 1H2013. These new announcements include:

  • vBlocks: New vBlock 340 with EMC Next Gen VNX & a specialized system vBlock for high performance databases (well timed for the 60,000 attendees at Oracle Open World 2013)
  • Vision 2.5 improvements with additional integration with VMware and tied into Cloud Accelerator Services
  • Go to Market Partners: Expanded programs and increased incentives
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The Macro-strategy of Microsoft Includes Storage

“There are big changes happening today in the [insert your preferred technology here] area of IT.” That’s what our industry says all the time. It’s like movie trailers that start off “In a world…”. It can all-too-easily go beyond a truism to become a cliché and go onwards to be parody: indeed, a movie carrying the very title “In a World…” was released just this week!

But what if the Martians (….or true love, or talking planes, or something else equally unexpected) really started to appear? Would we have spent so long thinking it unlikely or impossible that we might just miss the signs that would have prepared us to embrace it? And that’s exactly where we seem to be with one of the changes happening in IT today. You see, it’s also significant that the big contemporary shift is actually….well, a big change. Traditional “big changes” in IT are often hype and for decades have been largely about better tools with which to do the things we’re already doing; it’s the IT equivalent of laundry detergent that “washes whiter.” But the big change these days (growing from, manifested by, and built upon elements like virtualization, clouds and convergence) is not – to extend the analogy - about washing clothes better; it is instead about a whole new approach to keeping clothes clean.

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Extreme Networks Revamps Go-to-Market with Lenovo and EMC VSPEX Partnerships

Recently, Extreme Networks announced its global reseller partnership with Lenovo as well as its inclusion in the EMC VSPEX program. Both announcements highlight the ability to create integrated computing platforms (ICP) leveraging Extreme networking equipment. For more information on this, please see Mark Bowker’s Market Landscape Report, Integrated Computing Platforms. While the Lenovo and VSPEX announcements are technically separate entities, together, they mark what appears to be the beginning of an aggressive go-to-market approach from Extreme—both from a technology alliance point of view, and from a channel strategy perspective. Indeed, EMC has been partners with Lenovo for some time now and there will be synergies that Extreme can leverage.

Re: the Extreme Networks-Lenovo reseller alliance:

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Nutanix Launches New Partner Network

Most organizations do not gain a competitive advantage or drive revenue based on their server, storage, and network implementations; they accelerate growth through improved business processes and well-planned application implementations, which in turn drive productivity. Nutanix is driving this concept home with its technology and go-to-market strategy.

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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform

ESG has been tracking, researching, and speaking with numerous IT customers and vendors about the transition in consumption model from DIY (do-it-yourself) to turnkey approach to infrastructure procurement. The benefits are hard to ignore and the advantages ultimately boil down to a smarter and better way to do IT. ESG has published multiple reports on the topic, including our most recent Market Landscape Report: Integrated Computing Platform. The report covers the different approaches to ICP (integrated computing platforms): benefits, drivers, future market trends, and coverage of 12 of the major IT vendors participating in this rapidly growing space.

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What to do When an Integrated Computing Platform Breaks

ESG continues to research the interest in, advantages, and disadvantages of Integrated Computing Platforms (ICPs). As a quick review, ICP is the collapsing of server, storage, and networking infrastructure into a simple-to-consume, preconfigured, turn-key platform. We have published numerous reports on the topic including Virtual Computing Infrastructures: The Movement Toward Integrated Computing: The Foundations for Cloud and Virtualized Computing Infrastructure Preferences.

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