When APIs and DevOps Meet Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals often complain about the number of disparate tools they’ve deployed on their networks. Ask any enterprise CISO and he or she will come up with a list of around 60 to 80 various security tools from a myriad of distinct vendors.

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Cloud Developers and QA Have a Secure Spring in Their Steps

Close on the heels of its winter cloud release, Informatica announced near immediate availability of Informatica Cloud Spring 2013 released (“Spring release”) on February 20th. Customers will be upgraded this Saturday, February 23rd. As I observed in a previous informatica-thaws-its-integration-cold-snap/index.html" target="_blank">blog on Informatica Cloud posted not even four weeks ago, Informatica continues to expand its portfolio of connectors and enhance the features of its templates, and this holds true for the Spring release as well.

Of particular interest in the Spring release are connectors covering Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon Redshift, Oracle CRM On-Demand, and Intuit QuickBooks. There is no obvious correlation between these new app connectors, but that is exactly the point—the breadth of Informatica Cloud’s integration portfolio is unmatched in the industry. It also exemplifies how quickly Informatica is moving to keep Informatica Cloud up-to-date; Amazon Redshift data warehouse service went generally available today and Informatica already offers a pre-release connector.

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Informatica Thaws its Integration Cold Snap

Cloud, whether public or private or SaaS or PaaS, and big data, both point to more robust integration demand, from both IT and line of business. Informatica clearly grasps that market vision, and so given effective execution, there is no vendor better positioned to take advantage of such demand. In part responding to that demand, Informatica’s Q4 results suggest that they have emerged from an execution cold snap experienced during mid-2012. Q4 revenues and profits both nicely beat street estimates and INFA share prices jumped, reflecting rediscovered confidence.

What really caught ESG’s eye, however, can be found in the supplemental metrics, including (1) the pick-up in international deals and a (2) shift to more direct deals; whatever Informatica CEO Sohaib Abbasi did to remedy the weak European and sales execution issues of 2012, including bringing in John McGee as EVP of Worldwide Field Operations, seems to have worked. However, a more finely honed sales force is only as good as Informatica’s offerings, and while ESG appreciates how big data drives integration interest, cloud accounts for even more short and long-term integration demand.

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