Cisco’s Future Intents – Subtlety and Importance of What Is Coming

At Cisco Live, Cisco highlighted public announcement of "Network. Intuitive" and the extension of the Cisco-Apple partnership. Those of us who see many announcements and press releases nod our heads and say, “Ok…they are extending Cisco DNA, we see new Catalyst, a bit more analytics, and more closeness with Apple. Oh, it’s interesting that Tim Cook is talking at the keynote." What’s really happening is actually a more fundamental change.


Topics: Networking intelligent networks

Intelligent Networks - Networking is More than Data Delivery

Networks are critical components of IT infrastructure, and a source of value, as well as a source of vulnerabilities. Products and solutions have evolved beyond the basic role of simply delivering packets to a destination reliably. Understanding behavior, policy, and content are critical for operating a network that delivers high value.

I’d like to think of these systems as intelligent networks. The terms have been formally defined before in telephony, but I want to use it in a broader context.

What sort of intelligent insights do networks provide? They will give you views into application behavior and malicious activity, and provide feedback and telemetry to guide the management of workloads and ultimately the delivery of IT and business services.

Topics: Networking intelligent networks