INTEROP 2016 — interoperate across the stack

I recently attended INTEROP 2016 in Las Vegas, which celebrated its 30th year (a long-time in the IT industry). What started as an interoperability expo has become the only remaining general IT show that highlights networking, along with infrastructure elements such as cloud and security. This also gives the conference a role in being the one place where you can hear talks about the entire IT stack.

Plain old TCP/IP interoperability is taken for granted, while new challenges of interoperabiity for cloud, IoT, security and networking are emerging.

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Software-Defined Architecture: What To Consider

What does it mean to have a software-defined architecture (SDA)? Most folks seem to think it will be important in the future, but there's very little agreement on what it means and how it's useful.

For example, in a recent ESG Research Report, we tried to understand how people define software-defined networks, which are just one aspect of a software-defined architecture. We had a wide range of responses, ranging from automation and NFV to control/data plane separation. Those who are trying to be precise with an early definition of SDN may sound rather academic, but those who wave their hands and apply "SDN" to almost anything modern in networking end up sounding like carnival barkers.

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Interop Recap - Lessons from Cloud Providers

At Interop,  Urs Hölzle Google's  Senior VP of technical infrastructure   gave a keynote speech on the lessons learned from building a global infrastructure. This led me to think  about how lessons  or technologies  from  running  clouds  or  using  clouds affect    networking or general enterprise IT infrastructure  deployed  at a smaller scale  than Google In addition to learning from  technologies used by  cloud operators,  using  clouds  means that we can migrate what used to reside  solely on-premises  into the cloud. Examples include the  deployment of network controllers or analytics systems into the cloud, and this is a trend that   will affect networking in the years to come. This is a follow-up to my previous blog:  Interop Recap - SD-WAN or Hybrid-WAN. What's in a name?
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Buy or Build Your Own SDN?

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Video Blog: 2014 Interop Impressions

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Post Interop Musings

Now that a few days have passed since returning from Interop and Las Vegas, it seems like a good time to recap my visit. As expected, there was a lot going on, and not just new product announcements. There were announcements from both Aerohive and Arista stating their intentions to go public with IPOs. Both companies have reported tremendous growth and are now looking to get to the next level.

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Looking Forward to Interop 2014

Only a few days ‘til I head out to the glittering lights of Vegas to attend Interop. If you are interested in networking, this is one of the highlights of the year for you as it marks one of the major events for announcements. So many in fact that you may have a hard time keeping up with all of them! Keep in mind that is a good thing.

As one might expect, SDN will continue to be a major theme. However, as the market matures, expect to hear about how many of the SDN announcements of 2013 are materializing into working products with actual customers testing them. So, most likely this means that 2014 will be a really busy year for proof of concept testing and pilots. Not only are the building blocks for SDN materializing, but we are also witnessing more SDN “applications” coming to market as well – for the data center, campus and branch. A big part of some of the announcements last year in SDN related to ecosystems and how the collection of vendors would work together to develop end-to-end solutions – this is a good check in point to find out how those are developing. To use an iPhone analogy, this allows us essentially to find out how many SDN apps are in the app store. The SDN finalists include Cisco’s ACI APIC, VMware’s NSX and the OpenDaylight Project Hydrogen release. HP has an SDN app – a network optimizer for Microsoft Lync, as a finalist in the network category.

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A Multitude of Mobile Security Issues

The Black Hat USA conference takes place next week. If it's anything like RSA and Interop, there will be a fair amount of discussion about BYOD and mobile device security. Yup, a lot of hype but this is a topic worth discussing as nearly every enterprise organization and CISO I speak with is struggling here.

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On to Interop 2012

I'll be on an airplane in a few hours bound for Las Vegas and Interop 2012. Here's what I'm expecting at the show:

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