Cutting Through Endpoint Security Marketing Hype is a Challenge for Buyers and Vendors Alike

Endpoint security is a fast-paced, dynamic market right now. The amount of funding, M&A, and general product development is moving at what can feel like a blurring speed, and separating the facts from the marketing language can be a challenge.

For a thought experiment, imagine for a moment you are a CIO/CISO/equivalent in charge of the security budget.  You are a little behind, maybe updating from an AV-only environment to a more advanced endpoint solution. How do you go about selecting a vendor? How do you begin quantifying your organizational needs? 

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IT Buying Process Set to Change

I recently posted an article in Network Computing. Based on ESG research, it covers some likely (already emerging and nascent) changes in the way that IT buying decisions get made and purchasing gets done. The underlying reasons are both technological and generational. It has generated a considerable amount of comment (especially direct to me as well as via online/social response) and so I presume that what it discusses has hit a nerve. Change usually does.

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