Cutting Through Endpoint Security Marketing Hype is a Challenge for Buyers and Vendors Alike

Endpoint security is a fast-paced, dynamic market right now. The amount of funding, M&A, and general product development is moving at what can feel like a blurring speed, and separating the facts from the marketing language can be a challenge.

For a thought experiment, imagine for a moment you are a CIO/CISO/equivalent in charge of the security budget.  You are a little behind, maybe updating from an AV-only environment to a more advanced endpoint solution. How do you go about selecting a vendor? How do you begin quantifying your organizational needs? 

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Information Security: A Sobering Topic at VMworld

The technology industry is about to come together next week for VMworld in San Francisco. In the span of a few short years, this show has become a real showcase of the latest and greatest IT technology and industry vision. At VMware, every company wants its IT department to look like Amazon, Google, or Zynga, running applications on fully-automated and orchestrated cloud computing platforms, and easily managing thousands of servers and petabytes of data across multiple data centers.

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IT Skill Set Mismatched to Cloud Initiatives

Anyone with an IT career is always keeping a watchful eye on the hottest technology and looking for ways to enroll in training and advance their career. I did this successfully years ago with Microsoft certification and have witnessed many IT professionals build a stable career by growing their knowledge and subject matter expertise on the latest hot IT topic or trend. Now is a good opportunity for IT professionals to switch into high gear and understand the potential advancements they can make with cloud computing initiatives. Many companies are feeling the pressure to adopt and architect cloud into their IT strategies but lack the IT leadership and internal skill set to make cloud computing a success. I recently read an article in Forbes, How Cloud Computing is Changing Many Job Descriptions, and it further verifies how IT needs to adapt to new consumption models and develop the IT skills that match. This is a good note for IT vendors to take as they innovate solutions and heavily market "The Cloud." IT vendors that can help develop new IT skill sets, create new positions and advance careers have a significant opportunity ahead in this new computing era.

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