Citrix CloudPlatform Delivers IT-as-a-Service

Most folks likely know of Citrix as the mobility and application delivery company, but its CloudPlatform success also deserves some attention from enterprises and service providers building out an IT-as-a-service. Citrix has, albeit rather silently, built up a rather impressive list of service providers and enterprises that have deployed CloudPlatform. These are service providers that are delivering IaaS to its customers and enterprise IT shops that are lighting up self-service for its end-users.

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What’s in your ITaaS Shopping Cart?

When it comes to making the transition to the cloud, IT has a big job on its hands. It is complex, hard to do, and even harder to explain to management and the business units. When you think about it, the end-user experience should be nothing less than awesome. As cloudies will espouse – it should be on-demand and self-service. Make no mistake about it – IT would LOVE this! There are a couple of caveats that are new issues for IT and the business and they are not only technology oriented. The first one is IT is usually structured around a fixed budget – which makes the transformation to an on-demand IT resource a challenging business problem. How do you price your on-premises services? Who is using what services – many companies' IT departments aren’t even sure who is using AWS, Dropbox, or other SaaS applications without their approval or knowledge.

The second issue is even if the business can work with IT to shift to on-demand – how does IT pull it all together into a cohesive set of services that an end-user can understand? Also what about actually making all the services work together – like having single sign-on? Chargeback? Federation?

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Video Blog: What's the Big Deal with IT-as-a-Service?

Virtualization helps make IT more efficient, Clouds improve the ability for a company to be more agile when deploying technology-based resources. ITaaS requires some additional heavy lifting across the business with regard to the organizational changes required as well as employing a new service-based governance model. Once these are underway the technology will seem easy and will allow IT and the business to truly be more agile, accountable, and ready for new initiatives to stay competitive. This video blog highlights some of the possibilities when a company make the transformation to ITaaS.

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The Feds Are Going Vertical!

General Dynamics (GD)is one of the top 5 defense contractors in the world and is a well known system integrator in government circles. GD’s information systems prowess covers all five of the domains known to mankind (space, land, air, sea, and cyber).

Since the federal government initiated the "cloud first" program, government agencies as well as their suppliers have been trying to find ways to construct cloud services that meet their special needs. Due to these special requirements, public clouds may not fit the bill but community or private clouds offer some of the advantages of cloud services (on-demand, self-service, pay-for-what-you-use, etc.) while having specialized security controls.

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What I Learned at VMware 2013 Partner Exchange

My trip this past week to Las Vegas for PEX was as a first timer. First time as an analyst as well as my first time to PEX. My goal while I was there was to talk to as many CEOs, CMOs, and VPs of technology companies that develop cloud-related products or provide cloud services. The experience was nothing short of exhilarating. Not because I really like LV but because it was so great to talk to so many bright, hard working, and passionate people. It also was nice to bump into a few old friends as well.

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Gravitating to the Cloud

If you are a CIO/IT manager at an enterprise there seems to be a lot of promise but also hype when it comes to the cloud. And god forbid you get a real and consistent definition of what cloud is. That said, there are so many people talking about it and so many great ideas and offerings, there just has to be some reality in it all. Right?

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Welcome to the Cloudy Enterprise

Hello there! If you haven’t heard, I’m the newest analyst at ESG focusing specifically on cloud, IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS), and the software-defined data center (SDDC). My bio’s listed on the site or you can find me on Linkedin as well so I won’t bore you with those same details.

Instead I’d like to share some other thoughts about where I’d like to take the blog and why I named it the way I did. So first, the name – I think the theme that is starting to really permeate the cloud world finally is enterprise. By enterprise I mean companies with 100-1000 employees or so and their adoption (rate, barriers, challenges, etc.) of cloud computing. In terms of where I’d like to take the blog – well, that one is easy. Wherever I want! Seriously, I just want to explore many of the topics that are being talked about by the customers.

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