Kaminario Goes Software

There has been an understanding held by those inside the storage industry for some time now that enterprise storage is a software business. To those on the outside, though, it has looked like a hardware business. People see the mass of HDDs, SSDs, controllers, enclosures, power supplies, etc, and think "I am buying hardware." But inside the industry, vendors have known for decades that what separates the winners and the losers has long been the software.

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Kaminario Announces General Availability for K2 Generation 6

Today, Kaminario, all-flash storage vendor, announced general availability for the next generation, sixth actually, of its K2 all-flash storage systems. With generation six, or Gen 6, K2 systems received a boost to both speed and scale. I took the time to quickly list some of the key highlight below:

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The future of flash is guaranteed

When do we stop using the term "flash storage"? When does it become just "storage"? And when do we as an industry shift the qualifier to "mechanical spinning disk media"? That future may be a lot sooner than you might think. The industry perception of flash storage is transforming from why to why not as I write. At some of the more recent storage industry events I have attended, when a question is asked about the potential of flash storage, the storage administrators in the audience are just as likely as the presenter to speak up and sing the praises of all-flash storage.

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Solid-state Chips Away At Spinning Disk

OK, I admit it....I'm beginning to run low on witty puns to act as headings for all the blogs I need to write dealing with the furious rate of news and evolution in the world of solid-state. I'm definitely understanding why some car manufacturers use (and re-use) just model numbers for their vehicles....so much easier than coming up with a name!

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