KubeCon: Networking is Shaped by the Eye of the Beholder

I spent a bit of time visiting KubeCon 2015, the first Kubernetes conference held in San Francisco. Kubernetes is a Docker container orchestration system created by Google. I went there mostly to see what’s going on in the networking side of Kubernetes (written in shorthand as K8S).

Networking Plug-Ins

The Container Network Interface: Network Plugins for Kubernetes and beyond talk by Eugene Yakubovich of CoreOS on the Container Network Interface was interesting. Its aim is to make network plug-ins work among different container engines. It works with so many different flavors of networking – ranging from MAC VLANS (a reverse VLAN that takes a single network interface and creates many virtual ones with different MAC addresses) to newer SDN systems like Weave and flannel.

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Will Googles’ Kubernetes become the GodFather of OpenStack Cloud Container Management?

Google’s recent announcement to become a sponsor of the OpenStack foundation was a virtual coup for the open source community. With the likes of traditional technology vendors like IBM, HP, Cisco, EMC, Red Hat and others already onboard the OpenStack bandwagon, adding Google to this prestigious mix nicely rounds out the foundation’s “Who’s Who” of technology luminaries. 

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