IBM on Security Analytics and Operations (SOAPA) Part 2

Last week, I posted this blog describing my interview with IBM security GM, Marc van Zadelhoff, where we talked about his perspective on the transition from security analytics and operations point tools to an integrated event-based security analytics and operations platform architecture (SOAPA). 

Topics: IBM Cybersecurity SIEM SOAPA Marc van Zadelhoff

IBM Chat About Security Analytics and Operations (SOAPA) - Video

Just what is a security operations and analytics platform architecture (SOAPA) anyway? 

In the past, most enterprises anchored their security analytics and operations with one common tool:  Security Information and Event Management or SIEM systems. Now SIEM still plays a major role here but many organizations are supplementing their security operations centers (SOCs) with additional data, analytics tools, and operations management systems. We now see SOCs as a nexus for things like endpoint detection and response tools (EDR), network analytics, threat intelligence platforms (TIPs), and incident response platforms (IRPs). 

Topics: IBM Cybersecurity SIEM SOAPA Marc van Zadelhoff