2018: The Year of Advanced Threat Prevention

A few years ago, the cybersecurity industry adopted a new mindset that went something like this: 

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Phased Process for Cloud Security

My colleague Doug Cahill and I have been following the development of cloud security for the past few years. What we’ve noticed is that many organizations tend to track through a pattern of actions as their organization embraces public cloud computing. The sequence goes through the following order:

  1. The pushback phase. During this period, CISOs resist cloud computing, claiming that workloads won’t be adequately protected in the public cloud. This behavior may still occur for late-comers or very conservative firms but the cloud computing ship has definitely sailed at most large enterprises. In other words, CISOs aren’t given an out clause--rather, they must figure out how to secure cloud-based workloads whether they like it or not.
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The Internet of Identities (IoI)

Everyone is talking about IoT these days and for good reason – there are already billions of devices connected to the global Internet and some researchers are predicting 50 billion by 2020. This alone will make CISOs' jobs more difficult, but security executives face many other associated challenges as well:

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Micro-segmentation Projects Span Enterprise Organizations

Micro-segmentation is nothing new. We started talking about the concept a few years ago, with the onset of software-defined networking technologies like OpenFlow. More recently, micro-segmentation was most often associated with establishing trusted connections between cloud-based workloads.

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VMworld 2015 Takeaway: Micro-segmentation and Securing Hybrid Clouds

The transition of the data center from physical infrastructure to virtualized servers to software-defined everything is yielding another form of heterogeneity, disparate infrastructures, and a distinct set of security challenges for CISOs. Complexity is, after all, an enemy of security because the need to use multiple security solutions to set, automate, and monitor creates inconsistencies and seams for adversaries to exploit. Such complexity also drives up the operational cost associated with procuring, managing, and developing competency in disparate tools for disparate infrastructures.

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