EMC, Dell, Pivotal, Microsoft, and ... Ford?

Last week was interesting. I spent most of it in Las Vegas at EMC World, which was as much about Dell as it was about EMC itself. There was a ceremonial handoff from Joe Tucci to Michael Dell to lead the new combined entity, but Jeremy Burton was perhaps even more in the spotlight as he outlined the vision.

Much of this vision was about the balance between traditional data center environments and something he called "cloud-native" applications. Substituting "next-gen" for "cloud-native" might be more accurate, as this category included everything from PaaS to big data to containers to hybrid clouds. Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB were cited as examples as cloud-native, which felt odd. Certainly they are cloud-friendly, but they're by no means exclusively cloud-centric. See my last post on cloud big data for more thoughts on this topic.

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Microsoft Windows on a Google Chromebook Hosted at Amazon

Chromebooks as a viable end point device? Why not?

One of the very interesting developments that I’m closely tracking is the use of Google Chromebooks in the enterprise. Google has nice traction and use cases in the education market, but it’s the potential growth in the enterprise that intrigues me, since the Chromebook could stand to be very disruptive alongside other laptop OEMs and could be the exact onramp that Google needs into the business environment.

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AD&D 2016 Predictions: A New Leader in PaaS?

As part of my research planning for 2016, I recently sat down with ESG's VP of Research and Analyst Services John McKnight to talk about application development and deployment predictions for 2016.

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2016 Mobility Trends that Change Employee Behavior

It is fascinating to research and analyze how mobility strategies are changing employee behavior inside the corporate world. Senior business leaders recognize the value and strength in mobility while employees request improved access and enhanced collaboration & communication which all ultimately lead to improved productivity.

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EFSS and the MAG vendors in 2016

When in conversations about the EFSS market, I'm often asked where Microsoft, Amazon, and Google (MAG) fit in the overall landscape. Usually it takes the form of, "isn't [insert MAG vendor name here] going to run away with this market when they get serious?"

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The Delta-V Awards: Databases

ESG's "Delta-V" awards recognize the top 20 companies that made an impact in big data and analytics in 2015. Here are the ones to applaud for their success in the category of Databases. Though there are way more than 20 databases on the market, we have only 20 spots for all of big data and analytics, so I've picked exactly two offerings that I think stood out this year.

To learn a little more about the awards, go to this post.

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Microsoft Ignite Video Recap

Due to the sheer number and variety of events that ESG attends on a yearly basis, we tend to pick up quickly on what works and what flops. There is always an interesting balance between visionary content versus technical depth. We also watch and listen for what’s marketing fluff and how far out front the vendors are from their customers. Some events tend to be geared to propeller heads and others to IT leaders, but the magic happens when the vendor knows the audience well, can map to today’s challenges, and lays down a breadcrumb trail that helps strengthen the relationship between IT and the business. It also never hurts when an attendee walks away with ways that they can advance their career.

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Microsoft Ignite In Lockstep with Business Transformation

After attending the inaugural Microsoft Ignite 2015, I consider it a must attend event for IT professionals. For those that choose to judge Microsoft based on a historical view, I promise that your eyes will open up if you look at some of the recent results Satya has put on the board since starting as CEO. Microsoft demonstrated a strong belief and passion for IT and business transformation and the results are starting to show.

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Microsoft Invites You to Spark IT Up

Who builds the world’s most popular tool for analyzing data? Did you say Microsoft? Good. For most anyone in business, Microsoft Excel is where we get started around business intelligence, though we may not typically call it that. From this humble beginning, many graduate on to much more sophisticated solutions. What not everyone realizes is that Microsoft is capable of supporting you even as you go to much greater depth. At the recent Ignite event in Chicago, Microsoft made the case that day will improve worker productivity, especially around data insights and collaboration, with an extremely deep portfolio of complementary technologies.

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Microsoft Reinvents 3D Glasses with HoloLens

Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference in San Francisco was the focus of a wide variety of application development announcements. While Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform would rate as one of the most important announcements of the conference, Microsoft’s HoloLens stole the show when it came to visual impact and astonishment. While Microsoft is being unusually tight lipped about when the HoloLens device will be made available or its price, their objective at Build 2015 was to create a spectacle and solicit some carefully orchestrated developer feedback. Although Microsoft refused to talk about what went into the development of HoloLens, they did allow us to demo it in a highly controlled setting.

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