Insights from NetApp Insight

It was surreal flying into Vegas on Monday to attend NetApp Insight at the Mandalay Bay hotel. NetApp this week had to deal with something no company ever expects to or should have to deal with: a mass shooting at the venue where their event was to kick off the next morning.  

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NetApp Has Future In Sight at its Insight Event (includes video)

So, it is hard not to have fun with word repetition at times - so here are a few insightful insights from Insight, NetApp's annual customer and partner conference that was held last week. My actual theme for this commentary is about NetApp's surprises - simultaneously both the existence and lack thereof! But before digging into that a little more, take a look at this ESG On Location video that Steve Duplessie and I recorded at the event.

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My Take on NetApp Insight Take Two in Berlin

The importance of both hardware and software was starkly evident in my journey to Berlin for this European installment of NetApp’s Insight partner and customer event; first it was hardware that kept us grounded at Newark as the refueling of the plane wasn’t working…and then software took its turn as the whole of the New York region’s air-traffic radar went down. Now, if only I and my fellow passengers could have been re-planed and re-routed via some “transportation fabric” a la what can be done with data under the NetApp Data Fabric umbrella! 

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Wrap-up on Backup from NetApp Insight 2015 (Video)

Candidly, whenever I spend a good bit of time looking closely at the breadth of NetApp data protection capabilities, I usually leave with the same two impressions:

  • Wow, I forgot that they do all of those 'Data Protection' things, based on what is built-in
  • Why don’t they talk about it more?!?

The latter was addressed by new CEO, George Kurian, who assured folks that NetApp would be more vocal in driving the awareness of what they do well, what they have done well for so long (albeit not always noticed) and their visions for the future.

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