CISOs Must “Think Different”

Remember the “Think Different” advertising campaign from Apple? It ran from 1997 to 2000 and featured bigger-than-life personalities like Buckminster Fuller, Martin Luther King, and Pablo Picasso.

The “Think Different” ads coincided with Steve Jobs’s return to Apple as well as his somewhat contrarian and analytical mindset. In a PBS interview, Jobs offered this philosophical insight about life:

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Network Forensics: A Burgeoning Big Data Security Analytics Category

According to ESG research, 49% of enterprise organizations suffered a successful malware attack over the past two years (note: “successful” implies that the malware compromised an IT asset and caused some type of impact such as a system re-imaging, data theft, downtime, etc.). Of these firms, 20% suffered 10 or more successful malware attacks.

Obviously, malware is circumventing existing security controls and not triggering any alarms on traditional SIEM tools. So what can organizations do to improve their malware detection and response capabilities? Many are turning to network forensic tools. Wikipedia defines network forensics as follows:

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New Requirements for Security Monitoring

Today's information security threats are difficult to defend against. On the one hand, the volume of malware variants has gone through the roof over the past few years. On the other, targeted attacks have become more stealthy and damaging.

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