NexGen to the Nth Degree (includes video)

In thinking about when the founders of NexGen decided on their new company's name, one wonders whether, at the time, it was something of a placeholder—unless they were fortune-tellers as well as successful storage dudes that is! Since its founding in 2011, the company itself is on its fourth generation in as many years; and now, once more independent, finds itself well placed in what can be more generically called the next generation of storage arrays.
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Fusion-io’s Next Gen is NexGen

Just like the real world, there are various types of marriages in the storage ecosystem. Some are arranged (“Please buy us before we run out of VC money!”), some are expected (“As a systems behemoth, we need to acquire your cool new technology…”), and some are enjoyable emotional battles (“There’s no way I’m gonna let you hook up with him/her, so here’s a larger dowry…”). Every so often there’s one that doesn’t fit the standard mould, but actually when you look at it, it’s easy enough to see how the partners fit together.

And so, dearly beloved, we are here to bear testimony to yesterday's joining of Fusion-io and NexGen (well, of course the former actually bought the latter for $119m cash/stock, but let’s not spoil the story on such a brash technicality!). So what do we see for the happy couple?

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Cirque du Storage - Cool Acts from Drobo, NexGen and Symform

It's always interesting when you're made to re-evaluate and look at things differently. Cirque du Soleil has been doing that for years now; traditional 'circus' acts became fascinating entertainment that could make us stroke our chins or drop our jaws. In other words, something you thought you knew was presented in a new light. And yet the underpinnings of what Cirque does are not brand new - it did not invent the wheel or discover fire; instead, it took elements that existed already, and did something that no one had seen before. In other words it represents invention rather than discovery, but nonetheless it has created something compelling....not to mention the fact that it's generated a ton of revenue, spin-offs, and imitations.

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