NexGen to the Nth Degree (includes video)

In thinking about when the founders of NexGen decided on their new company's name, one wonders whether, at the time, it was something of a placeholder—unless they were fortune-tellers as well as successful storage dudes that is! Since its founding in 2011, the company itself is on its fourth generation in as many years; and now, once more independent, finds itself well placed in what can be more generically called the next generation of storage arrays.
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Storage Performance Cruise Control for Virtual Server Environments

This latest ESG Lab report documents how NexGen Storage combines the performance advantages of low-latency RAM and PCIe SSD with cost-effective high-capacity disk drives to create a storage solution that's ideally suited for mixed workloads and consolidated virtual server environments. Multi-phase data reduction and storage performance QoS (Cruise Control for Storage) delivers the performance that's needed, when and where it's needed, at a cost that's comparable with a traditional disk array.

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