VMware Advances Application Security

This week at VMworld, VMware announced market availability of a new security technology called AppDefense. AppDefense is an application-layer security control designed to profile applications, determine “normal” behavior, and then provide a series of least privilege controls for applications and options for security incident remediation.

Now in some respects, AppDefense is a lot like application white listing/black listing, which can be very effective for limiting the attack surface but the historical problem with application controls is operational overhead. If you want to implement white listing, you have to know what workloads are running and whether they are allowed to, and then implement controls to restrict unanticipated application behavior. This can become quite cumbersome when servers run multiple applications with dynamic development cycles and changing behavior. 

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VMware Expands NSX Use Cases With Cross-Cloud

Companies now have alternatives to big capital outlays for networking equipment.

VMware has banged the drum loudly about security as a top use case for its NSX network virtualization platform via micro-segmentation. At VMworld this week, the vendor previewed another use case for NSX based on its Cross-Cloud Architecture that will enable customers to create and manage a unified network across private and public clouds.


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VMware NSX and Cisco ACI – IT nirvana or a Kafka-esque nightmare?

In the Franz Kafka novella, Metamorphosis, traveling salesman Gregor Samsa awakens one morning to discover that he has transformed into a hideous creature. Shunned by his family and despite his best efforts to adapt to his new conditions, Gregor eventually withers away and dies alone in his bedroom. Can Kafka’s story serve as a cautionary tale for those IT organizations trying to force transformation into their IT infrastructure too quickly?

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My Assessment of VMware NSX

At last week’s VMworld event in San Francisco, I spent a good deal of time speaking with VMware, its customers, and a wide variety of its partners about the cybersecurity use case for NSX. I came away from the event believing that NSX (and other similar SDN technologies like Cisco ACI, Juniper Contrail, HP VAN, Illumio, vArmour, etc.) have great potential to help large organizations lower cyber-risk. 

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VMworld 2014: Top Questions ESG Analysts Hope to Have Answered

This will be my 9th year in a row attending VMworld! The event always proves to be a great display of end-user passion that is driving towards new innovation and IT vendors displaying their latest products, solutions, and services. I recently asked the ESG team attending the event if there was anything they planned to track closely or questions that they hoped to get the answers to and here is what they shared:

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VMworld 2013 Networking Wrap-up

After three action packed days at VMworld meeting with VMware and walking the expo floor, I now find myself reflecting on all those meetings while flying home. Overall, VMworld continues to impress--the attendance grew once again, with about 22,500 in attendance, and many of the sessions were either standing room only or overcapacity. Clearly organizations continue to see value in attending and the appeal is extending beyond just server virtualization. As VMware looks to expand its virtualization footprint to networking and storage, build out management capabilities, and host a public cloud, the show will attract IT staff from those domains as well.

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VMworld 2013 Day One

This is my first VMworld so some of the goings on are new to me – and I haven’t been to an event in the Moscone in a long, long time. My first impression – there are a LOT of people here. It took 20 minutes to leave the hall from the keynote – that’s how big it is. 22,000 people!

The keynote was done well as was the separate day of analyst specific meetings. Pat Gelsinger announced a good bit about the software-designed data center. NSX which my colleague Bob Laliberte is covering, was one big piece, of course, and has evolved since last year. You can read vmware-networking-update-from-vmworld-2013/index.html" target="_blank">Bob’s thoughts in his blog.

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The Rise of Networking at VMworld 2013

Next week VMworld kicks off at the Moscone center in San Francisco with much anticipation. I am looking forward to hearing about their integration efforts and enhancements to their networking solutions. More specifically, the NSX solution, now that they have a year under their belt with Nicira – it wasn’t quite fair to dig too deep at last year's show – I think the acquisition had only been completed 2 weeks (or was it 2 days?) prior to the show.

This year however, should contain a lot more content for those interested in networking. Indeed, VMware announced NSX earlier this year (available in 2H 2013) which integrates the Nicira NVP and vCloud Network and Security products into one platform. I think this was a smart decision, given that ESG research has indicated that network security is a top priority for organizations for 2013 (see ESG's Research Brief, 2013 Networking Spending Trends). We expect others will follow suit and my esteemed colleague, Jon Oltsik, who covers security for ESG, and I will continue to cover this topic in more detail.

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