Open Networking Summit 2015 video

In addition to my recent recap blog on the Open Networking Summit 2015, I recorded a brief video with my thoughts on the event. In the video, I describe some of the unexpected patterns I saw, such as the importance of services in the SD-WAN session I chaired or of network automation in the data center SDN session.  

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Open Networking Summit 2015 recap

I recently attended the Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara, CA. While there, I took part in several sessions, and below are the common themes I encountered in those sessions and how they may all fit together into a single narrative. 
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Impressions from ONS 2014

Last week I attended the Open Networking Summit and was able to listen in on a few keynotes, talk to a number of end-users and vendors, and even manage to host one of the panels. Overall the time was well spent as industry buzz is still very high around SDN and this show provided some good examples of how organizations were evaluating, testing, or even deploying SDN solutions. Here are some of my takeaways.

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Gearing up for the Spring Show Season and ONS

While many are gearing up for another season of IT shows, those of us in the Northeast as still digging out from a very snowy season. The idea of escaping the polar vortex for San Francisco, Barcelona, or San Jose (RSA, Mobile World Congress, or Open Networking Summit) sounds really good to me. Fortunately, I have the privilege to chair a session at ONS this year along with some great speakers from Tail-f, Intel, Goldman Sachs and ONF, so I will be able to get away - for at least a few days!

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NSPs Shine at ONS 2013

We attended Open Networking Summit 2013 this week at the Santa Clara convention center and I wanted to share a few takeaways for the network service provider space, and Bob Laliberte may do the same for enterprise and data center. Related, Wayne Pauley covered openstack-analyst-day-4152013-portland-oregon/index.html" target="_blank">OpenStack in Portland, Oregon.

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Will ONS Help SDN Cross the Chasm?

The RSA security conference was once limited to discussions around encryption algorithms and cryptography, attracting a limited and highly technical audience. Likewise, VMworld was once a Mecca for software developers and testers only.

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Anticipating the Open Networking Summit

We are a few weeks away from the Open Networking Summit ( which will be held in Santa Clara April 16 through 18.

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