“Dev-Test” in the Cloud Can Mean Ops as Well as Apps

There are some very common usages that one finds for the public cloud when it comes to business IT; along with data protection and long-term archival storage (and, yes, increasingly but not ubiquitously, there are production applications), one of the most oft-mentioned uses for the cloud is that of Dev-Test.

It is easy to see why – it can be viewed as a safe sandbox to play in, with no realistic danger of contaminating your production data. Meantime there are resources that are as flexible (whether in terms of scale, type, or speed of implementation) as your budget allows. And perhaps most important of all, of course, when you’re done, you’re done; just wrap up the project, and check out of the IT hotel.

Now, just as you're expecting it, there’s actually no “but” to this blog; instead there’s an “and”….

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IT Selfies: Operational Analytics Come Into Focus

If you're reading this blog, statistically it is highly probable that you work in IT like me, the lone anomaly being my mother (hi, mom!). And if you are like me, you probably got into IT not so much because it's a sexy topic for cocktail parties, but because of all the cool techie toys, a love of science fiction, and a keen desire to understand how things work.

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IT Chasms, Gaps, and A New World Order

I went to dinner last night with my pal, EMC big wig Rich Napolitano, and a startup he knows called Plexxi. I've known Rich for many years since his startup Pirus (acquired by Sun for way too much money, god bless them).

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