OPNFV: How the Vendors are Approaching NFV

At the OPNFV Summit, there were many vendors and open source projects exhibiting their work. My prior blog discussed the talks at the conference. Although there is a common thread of using OpenStack and OpenDaylight, there are different approaches to providing higher level NFV functionality, ranging from PaaS, low level networking such as packet filtering and virtual switches, as well as hardware and everything in between. I list a few items that caught my eye.

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OPNFV: Voice of End Users for NFV and the need for automation

I recently visited the OPNFV Summit (the conference for the Open Platform for Network Function Virtualization). The first software release of the event, named Arno, was completed, to be followed by the release of Brahmaputra release. (In case obscure geography isn't your strong suit, both of those releases share names with major rivers.)

This was the first such summit, and as can be expected, it focused chiefly on developers, but there were some prospective users. Those potential users shared experiences of large network operators (service providers and cloud providers), which in turn has great lessons for those who are interested in the OPNFV project.

Topics: Networking OPNFV