Oracle Brings the Cloud Back to Earth

There are some things that don’t initially seem to belong together, but exceptional goodness can come of the marriage: peanut butter and jelly might be one famed-but-domestic example, while in data storage things like the public cloud and mainframes might seem equally unlikely partners until the results are tasted. In both examples it’s not a matter of figuring whether each component element is inherently good, or even whether they can be enjoyed in parallel. No, the magic happens when there’s full integration.

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Team Oracle Tacking to Hybrid Cloud

Two years ago this week, Larry Ellison was vilified for skipping his Oracle Open World keynote address so that he could attend the Americas Cup yacht races in San Francisco bay. What many probably didn’t realize at the time was that Team Oracle was on the verge of an historic comeback against the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. Down 8-1, Team Oracle had to win an unprecedented 8 consecutive races to secure the highly coveted trophy from their “Kiwi" rivals. This seemingly implausible victory can be attributed to two key factors - bleeding edge technology coupled with a crew of top flight world class sailors. In perhaps an Ellison-esque retributive gesture, the 72 foot long catamaran behemoth was somewhat gaudily displayed smack in the middle of the Moscone Center plaza at Oracle Open World 2015. 

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The Week That WaaS – BitYota and Redshift

As the industry inevitably marches towards a widening set of cloud services, the layers of the IT onion separate and render themselves “as a Service.” Ironically perhaps, the industry started at the highest layer, applications or SaaS. But PaaS is gaining momentum, evidenced by nearly all the most well-known public clouds exhibiting a variety of PaaS and BI/analytics individual service slices, such as:

DBaaS = Database-as-a-Service
INTaaS = Integration-as-a-Service
DEVaaS = Development-as-a-Service
HaaS = Hadoop-as-a-Service, and its close cousin
BDaaS = Big Data-as-a-Service

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