Oracle Open World…& the new FS1 SAN (with video)

This year’s Oracle Open World (OOW) was – as ever – huge from just about every measurable dimension. While the weather is seemingly always lovely (except at SFO where “flow control” seems to have been the order of the day all September), it is not available to any regular tourists unless they are prepared to pay the stupendous rates that a sold-out city can charge.

Stealing a page from Microsoft when it “got” the Internet (what seems like an eternity ago!) Oracle spent its time at OOW confirming that its flirtation with this cloud thing is a full blown romance! Of course there were a ton of specific product announcements (a very beguiling new SAN product – the FS1 – being of course what caught my eye! More on that below). But this event was also about the occluded front that often accompanies clouds: that occlusion being the change in role for Larry Ellison and the emergence of the Safra-Mark show (lest there be one more “Hurd-ing Katz” jibe….). The change was managed effortlessly with Larry revelling in his “lead techy” role. What were the key takeaways? My colleague Nik Rouda and I already commented in our esg-recap-of-oracle-openworld-2014/index.html" target="_blank">joint blog about Oracle OpenWorld but here’s a bit more depth in one of our ESG on Location video reports….

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Oracle Open World – A Sea of Red [White and Blue] - includes video

Whether you wanted to or not, it was impossible to avoid the America’s Cup racing at OOW ’13. The races themselves were broadcast (live when possible) at the event, there was merchandise available, there were comparisons and metaphors aplenty, and there was Larry Ellison beaming from my hotel TV as I got up each morning. The expected sea of Oracle red was punctuated by the fervor of red, white, and blue….

So, let me just get this out of my system. As everyone knows by now, Mr Ellison delegated his prime Wednesday keynote to Mr Kurian, and that means that the final score from San Francisco, as best as my semantically-twisted mind could tell, was:

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