Pure Accelerate: The Future is Now

As we have watched the flash storage industry evolve over the past several years, vendors tend to follow one of two different approaches. The first approach is often one that tries to time the market and figure out when to make the transition. This approach tends to involve tiers of storage infrastructure, where more emergent technologies are more expensive and targeted at higher value workloads, while the established technologies are delivered to the masses. As time goes on, technology vendors figure out how to balance the transition. And we in the industry debate things like the cost benefit tradeoffs of the different options.

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Can A Pure Storage Company Make It Big?

There has been a lot of time and [electronic] ink expended of late in the build-up to, and eventual launch of, the Pure IPO yesterday. Most of the commentary has concentrated on the valuation and stock trading zone. As I write this, the stock price has floated down softly to around $15.50, off from the offering starting point of $17 per share. The financial press headlines contain plenty of words like "disappointing" and "failed to impress." Moreover, they talk of the impact of this unicorn IPO on the appetite and enthusiasm for tech IPOs. In other words, it's a very parochial Wall Street view. And frankly, that's where the focus is misplaced, at least from the storage and IT market perspective.

Now, I am not here to suggest that the share price is irrelevant or that many people wouldn't have been happier to see a more robust start for PSTG shares. But there's a more significant set of considerations from a technology, industry and end-user perspective.

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Storage News is Solid Progress

There seems to be good news from many sides of the storage world lately; we've seen a flurry of good, consistent and genuinely impressive business results from many of the main vendors, which is encouraging. The world is high on 'big data' - which, let's face it, has to be kept somewhere (!) - VC money seems to be flowing, and solid-state storage is starting to really be embraced by vendors and users alike. As the Dow flirts with 13,000 I thought a potpourri of recent positive news would make for pleasant reading:

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