Pure Accelerates its Move from Being Purely About All-flash Arrays

Pure Storage held its "Accelerate" event in San Francisco earlier this month. The descriptor "in San Francisco" is accurate but doesn't really do justice to the actual location: Pier 70 was a very special - no doubt challenging, but certainly worthwhile - place to hold an event of this sort. Indeed Accelerate will be the last event that happens at Pier 70, as it - and the whole area - is due to be cleared for redevelopment.

With a degree of sadness to see something so proud and once-useful be done away with, it was nonetheless a fitting place for a company with a "disruptive gene" like Pure to stage its event. I took the chance to produce a video blog of the event - which includes interviews with both Brian Schwarz and Matt Kixmoeller of Pure - and it encapsulates my key insights and views from the event.

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