Pure Storage: Empowering Artificial Intelligence

Today, Pure Storage announced the release of AI-Ready Infrastructure (AIRI), a major move in serving the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning space. The newly announced solution combines Pure Storage FlashBlade and NVIDIA DGX-1 technology. According to Pure Storage, it is the industry’s first integrated AI-ready infrastructure for deploying deep learning at scale.

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A Quick Talk with Yousuf Kahn, CIO of Pure Storage: High Performance Flash Is Powering Digital Business Transformation (Video)

With Flash Memory Summit a few weeks away, now is a good time to reflect on how flash technology has transformed business as well as our everyday lives. The wealth of digital products and services available today as well as the ever increasing value of business insights gathered through analytics would likely not be possible without flash storage technology. And if it were possible, it would be way too costly. The bottom line is that the modern business is built on data, and the speed at which that data can be accessed and understood directly impacts business success. Flash storage technology is a huge step forward and continued innovation in this space will further propel digital businesses in the future.

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Pure Accelerates its Move from Being Purely About All-flash Arrays

Pure Storage held its "Accelerate" event in San Francisco earlier this month. The descriptor "in San Francisco" is accurate but doesn't really do justice to the actual location: Pier 70 was a very special - no doubt challenging, but certainly worthwhile - place to hold an event of this sort. Indeed Accelerate will be the last event that happens at Pier 70, as it - and the whole area - is due to be cleared for redevelopment.

With a degree of sadness to see something so proud and once-useful be done away with, it was nonetheless a fitting place for a company with a "disruptive gene" like Pure to stage its event. I took the chance to produce a video blog of the event - which includes interviews with both Brian Schwarz and Matt Kixmoeller of Pure - and it encapsulates my key insights and views from the event.

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The Transition to NVMe: Accessibility Matters

Much has been said about the transformational benefits of flash storage. Over the years, I have spoken with many IT leaders on the benefits that their organizations have received after deploying flash storage. Over that time, my position has evolved from thinking it is a great technology to firmly believing that if you are not leveraging flash storage in at least some capacity, you are doing yourself and your organization a disservice. The benefits of flash technology are simply too transformative. Applications run faster and smoother, the rest of the data center becomes more efficient, service time is decreased, and resiliency is improved. The net takeaway is flash storage is good for business.

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2017 Channel Acceleration Awards - Part 2

OK, we’re back… If you are just joining this series, you can check out the previous post and award winners here! If you are back for more, here we go...

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Pure Storage Announces General Availability for FlashBlade

Today, Pure Storage announced general availability for FlashBlade. For those not familiar with FlashBlade, it is the all-flash storage company’s massive capacity, incredibly dense--1.6 PB usable in 4 rack units!--all flash storage system designed for unstructured data workloads--think files and objects.

Now I have written quite a bit about FlashBlade since Pure Storage announced it last year. You can check out some of my recent article on SearchStorage or my comment in my 2017 storage industry predictions video, so I don’t simply want to rehash all my early commentary now that the system is finally available to the general public.

 But I do want to make two points.

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The future of flash is guaranteed

When do we stop using the term "flash storage"? When does it become just "storage"? And when do we as an industry shift the qualifier to "mechanical spinning disk media"? That future may be a lot sooner than you might think. The industry perception of flash storage is transforming from why to why not as I write. At some of the more recent storage industry events I have attended, when a question is asked about the potential of flash storage, the storage administrators in the audience are just as likely as the presenter to speak up and sing the praises of all-flash storage.

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Pure Storage FlashBlade: the all-flash data center just got closer

Last week, I, along with my colleagues Mark Peters and Tony Palmer, were given the opportunity to attend the Pure//Accelerate user conference in sunny San Francisco. You can check out Mr. Peters thoughts and our on location video here, but I would like to add my own perspective on the event and Pure’s announcements.

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Pure Accelerate(s)

Last week’s first Pure Accelerate — the vendor’s user conference — marked a definite increase in pressure on the throttle for the all-flash player. Of course a cynic might argue that few vendors have embraced “all flash” in its non-technical meaning quite as well as Pure. However, aside from the abundance of orange at Pier 48 in San Francisco, there were rather more signs of substance than such cynics might expect or enjoy.

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