What If Cloud-Backup-Storage was Free?

Not backup-as-a-service, but just cloud storage that could be used to supplement a backup. Sure, there are a lot of STaaS (storage-as-a-service) folks that will give you a small amount of capacity to try their platform, knowing full well that you are going to want more and be willing to pay for it.

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Video Summary of Disk-Based Target Backup Systems

A few months ago, ESG completed its research on Disk-Based Backup Target Systems – the storage platforms that data protection solutions are often built upon.

The nice folks in ESG’s video team were kind enough to help me record some of our findings, as well as what made the research compelling.

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Q: How many vendors does it take to protect all your data?

A: One-unless you're a masochist.

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Tape Sense

Yes, I know that in certain circles I'll get some ribbing for devoting blog-column-inches to tape storage. But last week I spent a day and a half at the "Tape Summit," and I have to report that the Kool-Aid was actually rather good. By the way, I also know that many of you reading this probably have tape and so I'm here to tell you that you need not worry....you're not alone!

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Leap Year - Time to Talk Tape!?

On this 29th of February, there's the opportunity to do special-indeed, by definition, rare-things: if it's your birthday you actually get to blow out candles and of course there's the tradition that on this day it is OK for ladies to propose marriage to men. And today I celebrate by talking about tape! A few hours from now I'll participate in a webinar with Quantum (the details and registration can be found here if you're interested). Of course it will be available for replay afterwards if you're reading this blog after the event - I'm told it will even be available on days other than February 29th however! And I'll bet there will be backups and archives of it....

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