Judicial Coup for Computer-Assisted Review

Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck, of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York made e-discovery headlines late February with the first judicial endorsement of predictive coding. I'll leave it to the legal eagles to debate the courtroom implications, but it's a significant stamp of approval from the bench.You can read more from LTN, Forbes, Chris Dale, and Recommind, whose Axcelerate software is involved in the case.

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LegalTech 2012 Pre-Game: Enterprise E-discovery and Information Governance

Today we examine the terrain for enterprise e-discovery and information governance releases going into LegalTech 2012. My previous posts covered the ../../../../../legaltech-2012-pre-game-service-providers/index.html">e-discovery service provider landscape and ../../../../../legaltech-2012-pre-game-attorney-review-tools/index.html">attorney review software and SaaS. Check back for show-time updates when more announcements go public Monday.

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LegalTech 2012 Pre-Game: Attorney Review Tools

Previously in our LegalTech 2012 countdown, legaltech-2012-pre-game-service-providers/index.html">we covered the e-discovery Service Provider landscape. Today we look at what's likely to be top of mind at LegalTech 2012 in attorney review software and SaaS - based on trends from 2011, and the releases we can talk about so far.

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