Hybrid Clouds and Cybersecurity Front and Center at AWS re:Invent

The contrast of the DJ music pumping out bass lines and drum beats over hits from the 70s was quite apropos for the mix of hipster and middle age attendees at last week’s AWS re:Invent where the word of the week was hybrid. This year’s AWS re:Invent show had a decidedly different feel to it, one of enterprise IT. AWS holds an enviable position as the leading provider of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud computing services where they are Coke and we’re still waiting for Pepsi to show up. With that ground staked out, AWS is now clearly intent on being a major IT brand and that means embracing hybrid clouds and putting security front and center. 

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On the Lookout for These Three at AWS re:Invent 2015

Wait! AWS re:Invent is next week? Thankfully Amazon did not opt for the December date being bandied about and chose a date early in the quarter to avoid travelling around the holidays. And how this event has grown. When I first attended in 2013, attendance had doubled from 2012 to 6,000 and then did more than a 2X jump last year with 13,000 cloudies in attendance. But what do attendance numbers have to do with security? It’s a proxy of cloud adoption and the types of customers getting their agile on and, as such, is an indicator that enterprises transitioning at least some of their workloads to AWS require hybrid security solutions.

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An Enterprising Amazon or an Amazon’d Enterprise?

I just wrapped up a week out here in Last Vegas at the Amazon Web Services conference re:Invent with some 9000 of my friends. You might think this was just another big tech conference full of nerds (well yeah – I am in pretty good company), but there are some striking differences here.

The first one is Amazon itself – this is a company that has taken tremendous pains to deliver all the services the enterprise wants. They talked a good bit about what they do under the covers with their specialized hardware – but more importantly they really have figured out how to build out a very rich set of services that appeal to expert and novice software developers alike.

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