Brocade making a Ruckus (bid)

Brocade Communication announced an intention to acquire Ruckus Wireless, a provider of enterprise wireless LAN and service provider wi-fi. Ruckus Wireless is not a producer of the consumer wi-fi access points that most people buy for homes, but instead provide wireless for enterprise offices, stadiums, hotels and other public places. Chances are, you may not know of this company, but you've used their devices when you've traveled. What does the pending acquisition mean to the wi-fi landscape?

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Next-generation wLANs will drive productivity gains

As our vendor clients already know, I’ve been busy surveying over 20 enterprise wireless LAN providers to learn more about their wLAN offerings and support plans for 802.11ac, BYOD, UC, etc. for ESG’s upcoming wLAN Market Landscape Report. I’m happy to report that from the supply-side, there are plenty of innovative enterprise wireless systems to choose from and a very competitive marketplace. And we will be fielding our enterprise wireless networking survey shortly, so we’ll be able to better match enterprise wireless needs to vendor offerings.

However, I do have concerns about the demand-side, where many enterprise CFOs are still concerned about continued economic uncertainty, and are holding the line on IT budgets. Recently, change in information and communications technologies (ICT) seems to be accelerating toward light-speed, but many CFOs just want to spend to keep the lights on in the IT department. Organizations that don’t invest in new IT technologies will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage - period.

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