SanDisk's InfiniFlash Is a Notable Arrival in the Flash Boxing Ring

2015 is shaping up to be just as busy on the solid-state beat as we expected. This week saw notable moves from two very strong players, which share the fact that neither are traditional storage systems vendors, but both wish to move in that direction since that's where account "stickiness" and higher margins lie. The logic and value of the intended acquisition of Amplidata by WD/HGST is covered by my colleague Scott Sinclair in a blog here. Meantime, SanDisk has come to the game with more chips (pun intended) than table-stakes would demand, and announced its InfiniFlash offering.

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Solid-state Chips Away At Spinning Disk

OK, I admit it....I'm beginning to run low on witty puns to act as headings for all the blogs I need to write dealing with the furious rate of news and evolution in the world of solid-state. I'm definitely understanding why some car manufacturers use (and re-use) just model numbers for their much easier than coming up with a name!

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Storage News is Solid Progress

There seems to be good news from many sides of the storage world lately; we've seen a flurry of good, consistent and genuinely impressive business results from many of the main vendors, which is encouraging. The world is high on 'big data' - which, let's face it, has to be kept somewhere (!) - VC money seems to be flowing, and solid-state storage is starting to really be embraced by vendors and users alike. As the Dow flirts with 13,000 I thought a potpourri of recent positive news would make for pleasant reading:

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