CloudWorld … I mean ... DellWorld

Last week was Dell’s annual user conference in Austin and while the weather was a bit cooler than I expected there – things are definitely heating up for Dell.

Cloud Partner Program – Dell announced expansions of its partner program, which now includes Microsoft Windows Azure, and CenturyLink, Google, and Accenture. They already had Peer1, Joyent, ScaleMatrix, and Zerolag. Here’s why I think these relationships are important:

  • Windows Azure – What better way to be part of a native hybrid cloud offering? Windows Server on-premises built on Dell systems (think Azure Cloud-in-a-Box) connected to Windows Azure public cloud and using Cloud Manager (formerly Enstratius) to manage it all. Cool beans if you ask me.
  • CenturyLink – Savvis and Tier 3 are now all folded into CentruryLinks' cloud offering with CenturyLink bringing the pipes, Savvis the data centers, and Tier 3 the cloud services. This today includes VMware and OpenStack service and my gut tells me Windows Azure is not too far away. Again, this provides a good set of opportunities for Dell including cloud-in-a-Box on-prem to connect a hybrid solution with CenturyLink based on VMware, OpenStack, or Azure.
  • Google – This is a win for Google and for Dell. For Google, it creates the momentum they need from the enterprise to be connected and hybridized with Google’s public IaaS and PaaS offerings. Google brings Android as well so there are many architectures and components that can be put to use. For Dell, it allows them to again create opportunities with their customers to help them enjoy the benefits of a hybrid cloud using Google for public and cloud-of-your-choosing-in-a-Box on-premises. All managed by Dell Cloud Manager.
  • Accenture – Big Enterprise? Dell Customer? Does your CIO have an ItaaS or Cloud Strategy – then let Accenture and Dell help you design, implement, build, and even manage your cloud for you. If you’ve been sitting on the fence worried about security, governance, and usage models – this is a great way to go.
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VMworld 2013 Day One

This is my first VMworld so some of the goings on are new to me – and I haven’t been to an event in the Moscone in a long, long time. My first impression – there are a LOT of people here. It took 20 minutes to leave the hall from the keynote – that’s how big it is. 22,000 people!

The keynote was done well as was the separate day of analyst specific meetings. Pat Gelsinger announced a good bit about the software-designed data center. NSX which my colleague Bob Laliberte is covering, was one big piece, of course, and has evolved since last year. You can read vmware-networking-update-from-vmworld-2013/index.html" target="_blank">Bob’s thoughts in his blog.

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