Video: Role of SD-WAN in Network Modernization

ESG conducted research on the drivers, levels of adoption, perceptions and procurement sources for SD-WAN by surveying 300 IT professionals responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and managing networking technologies

We found out that 3 in 4 organizations are either using or plan to use SD-WAN. So what are the drivers? It's not one thing, but a combination of reasons such as security improvements, increased bandwidth and simplified management.

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2018 Prediction: Network Relevancy

Networking becomes more relevant. I refer to this as my Theory of Network Relevancy.

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Network Services: Procurement and the Role of Service Providers

This is another piece in the “Road to Mobile World Congress” blogs. First part is here.


One of the choices in the move toward deploying solutions “as-a-service” is how something fundamental like network and services will be delivered. Unlike software, it’s obvious that some equipment is necessary at all locations, but as we have seen in the role of virtual CPE (vCPE), it’s possible to have much of the intelligence pushed out to the central office or to the cloud as virtualized services. 

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LTE and 5G: The Role of Wireless in Future SD-WAN

As the debut of Mobile World Congress Americas approaches, I'm writing a series of blogs to describe how the solutions related to mobile carriers affect general enterprise networking.



SD-WAN has traditionally been a solution for branch networks that involves the combination of landline networks, such as MPLS, broadband, and even DSL. What’s not well appreciated is the participation of mobile networks, specifically LTE, to provide one of the paths for branch networking.

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NV, NFV, SDN, SD-WAN: Networking Acronyms That Can Transform Your Data Center

Arguably, nothing in the last decade has been more revolutionary in IT than virtualization.

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The economics of SD-WAN and NFV

Software-defined WAN and network functions virtualization offer clear and simple cost-containment benefits.

Nothing beats direct economic benefit when adopting new technologies.  That’s why I continue to focus on software-defined WAN and NFV adoption in 2016.

It’s easy to tout some new technologies because they’re cool (nice technical implementation!) or make vague management agility claims. But ultimately, if they do not deliver outcomes, these products are pretty much useless and may remain as shelf-ware as some crazy-pants technology purchased for the wrong reason. I’m not saying that they’re not useful. It’s just that they are not supremely simple for consumers to understand and benefit from.

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Cisco's new DNA: A new Digital Network Architecture

Enterprises have been struggling to take good ideas found in data centers and extend them into the rest of the network, like the campus. 

The two worlds have stayed separate for a long time, but people managed to get by without tight integration, since the workloads and network connections were often managed by different groups, and the network traffic tended to have different characteristics.

However, with changes afoot, such as a move toward using more SaaS apps and pressures to improve manageability of remote offices, people realized that some core changes in the enterprise network architecture were necessary.

Ever wonder how Cisco’s policy control used in the data center using ACI can extend to the rest of the rest of the enterprise, such as the campus or branch networks? We saw a hint of those possibilities when APIC-EM was released last year.

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Network Predictions for 2016

As we start this year, I wanted to offer my predictions for what may lie ahead for 2016. The overarching theme is that use cases will drive trends in 2016, as opposed to plain transport and speeds. Here’s my take:

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Goals should be on the market, not becoming a unicorn (SD-WAN examples)

Much has been written on the so-called "unicorns" in the start-up community - private companies with valuations north of one billion dollars. Although the shine has started to come off what some are calling a bubble, we need to focus on how tech companies add value to end-users and enterprises. To that end, I want to present my view on how to structure the stages of how technology infrastructure affects companies. I hope it has relevance to the IT buyer, as well as to the technology provider.

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Interop Recap - SD-WAN or Hybrid-WAN. What's in a name?

Interop in 2015 was held as usual at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. There were few surprises or announcements, but a few trends were apparent. I wrote a few blog entries (What do I do with my 10-year old device? and Network Switches a Commodity? Not Really), but after giving my mind a rest, here are some observations on software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), or hybrid-WAN solutions that I saw.
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