Cisco Ramps Up Security With Intent-based Networking

Encrypted Traffic Analytics and SD-Access integrate security into the enterprise network.

Security is a big part of Cisco's new intent-based networking strategy. The key security pieces are Encrypted Traffic Analytics and Software-Defined Access. The details of hardware support such as the Catalyst 9000 switches aren't as important as how the new architecture provides a new way for enterprises to approach security by integrating it into the network.

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Cisco Intent-Based Networking Brings SDN to the Enterprise

Automation platform promises to make software-defined networking a reality for campus networks.

At Cisco Live, networking pros heard a lot about Cisco's new intent-based networking strategy and technologies. On the surface, the technologies look like an evolution of Cisco's existing enterprise network products. Intent-based networking was actually available with Cisco's ACI platform, Digital Network Architecture (DNA). It was announced in March 2016, and the Catalyst 9000 family of switches is a version of the venerable switch. New technologies include software-defined access and encrypted traffic analytics.

However, we need to focus on the bigger picture rather than the individual products. Altogether, they're actually a long-awaited realization of software-defined networking branching out beyond the data center and finding its way into the enterprise.

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Telemetry and Performance Management in Softwarized Environments

Network telemetry and performance management is a challenge in softwarized environments. Unlike traditional hardware-based systems, many assumptions that made conventional measurement and performance management possible start to breakdown and must be revisited. There are issues of capacity, topology, dynamic configurations (ephemeral nature), and intent.

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Micro-segmentation Projects Span Enterprise Organizations

Micro-segmentation is nothing new. We started talking about the concept a few years ago, with the onset of software-defined networking technologies like OpenFlow. More recently, micro-segmentation was most often associated with establishing trusted connections between cloud-based workloads.

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SDSN: Software-defined What?

A few weeks ago, I blogged about some of the many networking acronyms that can transform your data center.

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NV, NFV, SDN, SD-WAN: Networking Acronyms That Can Transform Your Data Center

Arguably, nothing in the last decade has been more revolutionary in IT than virtualization.

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Trends in Software-defined Networking Webinar Recording

I recorded a free webinar on trends in software-defined networking.

In this webinar, we explore the trends in Software-defined Networking: how it has evolved from data center uses to support WAN use-cases, support for security, new programming models such as containers, and more. We examine how it offers different models to support traditional networking professionals, DevOps users, and how Layer-2-based software-defined networks differ from pure Layer-3-based systems.


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Open Networking Summit 2016 - changing worlds

At the Open Networking Summit, many were talking about open-source, but there were some contrarian views which made the conversations interesting. So let's discuss that.

I also saw some surprises, where companies that I thought were firmly in one path were making bold moves in another direction.

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RSA Conference 2016, Day One

The first day of 2016's RSA Security Conference is in the books, and the ESG team offered some thoughts from San Francisco on the sights, sounds, and news from the event:

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Network Predictions for 2016

As we start this year, I wanted to offer my predictions for what may lie ahead for 2016. The overarching theme is that use cases will drive trends in 2016, as opposed to plain transport and speeds. Here’s my take:

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