Looking Forward to Open Networking Summit 2015 – Boldness Be My Friend

Open Networking Summit is coming up soon. The topics covered are broad, ranging from software-defined networking (SDN) in enterprises to service provider adoption of SDN/NFV. We’ve seen strong representation from academia in its early dates and telco requirements have also been covered in recent years. This time, there is a new spotlight on enterprise use of SDN. The keynote panel of SDN in Enterprises has speakers from Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, NSA, and Samsung SDS (a services group).

Let’s see what else at the conference will focus on the enterprise topic.

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IT Transformation Services - There Is Nothing Either Good or Bad

Everyone’s got challenges deploying IT technology. On top of that, IT organizations often don’t have a good idea on where they want to go, and where they are today. Professional services organizations can come to the rescue with a slew of offerings to help them out. But they are challenged in marketing and describing what they are capable of doing.

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More On Service Expectations (or, Moron Service Expectations)

In my ADD fugue state yesterday it turns out I missed the primary point of my primary reason for writing that blog. Service Expectations.

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