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Dell EMC & VMware: The Value in Multiple Manifestations of SDS

Posted: February 01, 2017   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: Storage, VMware, software-defined storage, SDS, dell-emc

unique.jpgRecently my colleagues and I were embroiled in an intricate discussion with some of the Dell EMC/VMware team about the status, applicability, and positioning of the various SDS manifestations that behemoth now offers. And suddenly I had one of those “the penny dropped” moments…not of the “epiphany/eureka” type, but more of the “yeah, I knew that but all-too-often overlook it” type. And one more thing before I say what it was: it’s also somewhat ironic when you consider the tangled semantic machinations we have all gone through as an industry to actually define software-defined storage that we have – dropping penny time – overlooked the fact that it is an approach (or concept), and not a specific thing (or singular manifestation).

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Do You Wonder About or Fear Software-defined Storage? (Video)

Posted: November 15, 2016   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: Storage, software-defined storage

concern.jpegConcern, confusion, and simple lack of understanding can all cause our nervousness to increase, and moreover cause people to do--or indeed not do--things that may not be best for them. Moreover there is a thing that I like to call the Assumption Gap, which only serves to make matters worse: it's that point at which new things go from "new and OK to enthusiastically discuss and investigate," to suddenly [apparently] being "understood - at least by everyone else! - and thus to studiously avoid investigating and discussing lest one displays supposed ignorance." This assumption gap can make erroneous or incomplete "knowledge" and rumors become received wisdom.

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Lenovo enters the storage market with software-defined storage

Posted: June 10, 2016   /   By: Scott Sinclair   /   Tags: Storage, Object storage, NAS, Lenovo, software-defined storage, Nexenta, Cloudian

software-defined storageGame on!

This week, Lenovo announced its StorSelect enterprise storage portfolio, entering the storage market and, according to Lenovo, driving deeper into the $87 billion data center market. The inaugural StorSelect solutions will feature integrated products that leverage Lenovo hardware and software from software-defined storage (SDS) players, Nexenta and Cloudian.

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Loving ONTAP’s potion #9: reducing the cost of flash and simplifying the data fabric

Posted: June 09, 2016   /   By: Scott Sinclair   /   Tags: Storage, Netapp, software-defined storage, All-Flash Array

For the title for this week’s blog on NetApp’s new release, I decided to provide a brief homage to a ‘90s cult film classic, while probably simultaneously dating myself. And as the title suggests, NetApp’s ONTAP version 9.0 presents a lot to love for the enterprise storage consumer — extending NetApp’s Data Fabric capabilities and helping reduce the cost of flash storage.

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ScaleIO 2.0: another step in the journey to the software-defined data center

Posted: April 11, 2016   /   By: Scott Sinclair   /   Tags: Storage, EMC, software-defined storage, ScaleIO, Hyper-converged, dell-emc

With EMC World 2016 just over the horizon, EMC made a couple announcements this week that I thought I would touch on.

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Vendors Under the Radar: StorMagic

Posted: March 18, 2016   /   By: Terri McClure   /   Tags: Storage, SANS, software-defined storage, StorMagic

stormagic reviewI have a soft spot for underdog vendors. Like many of you, I've been there — working at a small vendor competing against the behemoths or working on a small emerging underdog product within a behemoth, competing for airtime and survival. I know that it's tough to get the word out when you are outspent on marketing by a factor of 10:1 or more.

So I'm going to keep going down the "vendors under the radar" path to call attention to vendors you may not have heard of that are doing cool things, but may be under the radar because they don't have the big budgets.

Next up: StorMagic.

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This Year in Storage

Posted: February 02, 2016   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: Storage, software-defined storage

storage in 2016Happy 2016! Is that still allowed in February? Or, if you are like me, are you stunned that just over 8% of the year went by already!

Anyhow, while 'predictions' is an over-used word around this time of year, there's another 'P' word that has had more than its fair share of deployment in IT circles generally — and storage specifically — over the decades: the word is 'paradigm'. And especially shifts thereof! But sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason...

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Can A Pure Storage Company Make It Big?

Posted: October 08, 2015   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: Storage, software-defined storage, Converged Infrastructure, Pure

pure storage analysisThere has been a lot of time and [electronic] ink expended of late in the build-up to, and eventual launch of, the Pure IPO yesterday. Most of the commentary has concentrated on the valuation and stock trading zone. As I write this, the stock price has floated down softly to around $15.50, off from the offering starting point of $17 per share. The financial press headlines contain plenty of words like "disappointing" and "failed to impress." Moreover, they talk of the impact of this unicorn IPO on the appetite and enthusiasm for tech IPOs. In other words, it's a very parochial Wall Street view. And frankly, that's where the focus is misplaced, at least from the storage and IT market perspective.

Now, I am not here to suggest that the share price is irrelevant or that many people wouldn't have been happier to see a more robust start for PSTG shares. But there's a more significant set of considerations from a technology, industry and end-user perspective.

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SDS Was Already Here To Stay!

Posted: June 30, 2015   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: software-defined storage, SDS

future-dataSoftware-defined Storage (SDS) is an inescapable term right now...and looks to become an inescapable reality soon. That is, of course, if you buy into it as being something that's brand new and not already all around us. I just posted what I hope is a fun, insightful, and intentionally somewhat provocative ESG Video Capsule on just this contention. Please take a look—as with all our Video Capsules, it's under 140 seconds:

Following on from our recent Next-generation Storage Architectures qualitative research, we just completed a comprehensive, quantitative Storage Trends survey. While the latter is not yet published (it will be soon!.... and there'll be lots more insights from it in this blog in the coming weeks and months), one thing stood out in both pieces of research...and that is the almost universal interest in SDS (whether "interest" is as existing adoption, active planning, or committed investigation).
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Looking at Software-defined Storage from a Hardware Perspective (Video)

Posted: May 18, 2015   /   By: Terri McClure   /   Tags: Storage, software-defined storage

hard_drivesWith all the excitement around software-defined storage (SDS) lately, it can be difficult to separate reality form the noise. And from our research, it looks like a good number of organizations are struggling with just that challenge.

Included with this blog post is the fourth in a series of seven videos that talk about the key findings from ESG’s recently published research report, Next-generation Storage Architectures. I collaborated with my colleagues Scott Sinclair and Mark Peters on the research. In this segment, I talk about one of the key next-generation storage architectures: software-defined storage (SDS).

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