SolidFire and NetApp: happy to be together and apart (includes video)

SolidFire's third Analyst Event was its first as a part of NetApp. The change of ownership was evident but not onerous. Yes, there was talk of ONTAP and the rest of NetApp's portfolio, but mainly the focus was the increasing opportunity for, investments in, and expectations of, the SolidFire platform; and that's the key word — NetApp sees it's new offering as a 'platform' rather than a 'tuck in'.

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SolidFire's Flames Are Very "Cool"

Last week, SolidFire held its second annual Analyst Day. "Cool"ness was in full force, both from a technical progress perspective.....and also from a climate perspective (as the video attached with this blog post demonstrates). I saw many of the analyst-erati that hail from warmer climes watching the flakes fall....though whether one of them will lay claim to the snowman remains to be seen!. Meantime - and indoors - SolidFire's execs were very credibly fanning the flames of their product and marketing expertise. To give an idea of the event and content here's my video from Boulder featuring CEO Dave Wright with a summary of the main company updates as well as commentary from my ESG Lab colleague Aviv Kaufman and me.

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A Solid Feel to SolidFire

Last week, SolidFire held its inaugural Analyst Event. Such activities tend to be the preserve of larger organizations, so the fact it happened begs both a comment and a question. The comment is to give the SolidFire team kudos for pulling off a well-executed and insightful day…it certainly punched above its weight. The question is to wonder what made the management team at SolidFire decide to undertake this exercise? And the two main answers to that – well, at least my two main answers to that – are what makes this particular startup interesting right now.

First of all, “things” (that means the basics of engineering, sales, recruitment, customer implementations – all the important things) are of course going along pretty nicely…you don’t tend to hold your first Analyst Day otherwise! There’s money in the bank, the company is functioning well, users like what they are getting (we had full, easy access to the three guest users), and the product is performing admirably. As a Colorado-based company, growing like a weed (!) is encouraged! That said, SolidFire feels like – indeed, has always felt like - a very measured management strategy and approach – and that leads us to the second answer.

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A Solid State of Affairs for Cloud

During my journey this year to the various vendor-fests I had the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of ‘wicked smart’ and passionate people. As a guy who was part of five startups (of which three were successful), I like to walk around the vendor floor and see what companies are doing new and interesting things. These are usually smaller booths with the top execs at them giving the person who stops by a chance to see if the company has the passion at the top as well as an ability to see how well they know the technology and the market.

During my most recent trip to DellWorld I got to do just that – spend a little time walking around and meeting some new companies. One of which is a company called SolidFire and frankly the name didn’t strike me (sorry guys) but the two people I got to chat with really did just that – passion and knowledge plus a great understanding of the market.

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