What If Cloud-Backup-Storage was Free?

Not backup-as-a-service, but just cloud storage that could be used to supplement a backup. Sure, there are a lot of STaaS (storage-as-a-service) folks that will give you a small amount of capacity to try their platform, knowing full well that you are going to want more and be willing to pay for it.

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D2D2C is like 1 box of Legos and 2 manuals [VIDEO]

Last year, I blogged that a modern “Data Protection Strategy” is more than just backup – instead including also snapshots, replication, archiving, etc. (see also bit.ly/jbSpectrum1)

And while some would then call this a hybrid architecture, others prefer to think about “hybrid” as being disk plus tape or cloud. If we dig into where those ideas meet, we’ll find that even with something as simple as “Disk to Disk to Cloud” as a way to first recover locally from disk and then extend that protection to a cloud-repository; every answer just brings up more questions.

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BaaS, DRaaS or Tertiary? New ESG insights on Data Protection-as-a-Service Trends

These days, you can’t have a discussion on modernizing your IT infrastructure without talking about “cloud” … but when it comes to data protection, there isn’t just one kind of data-protection-as-a-service (DPaaS).

In fact, most folks are considering up to three different DPaaS capability sets, including:

  • BaaS – Backup-as-a-service, where files are backed up to the cloud (with/without an intermediary on-premises caching solution)
  • DRaaS – Disaster-recovery-as-a-service, where whole machines (typically VMs) are replicated and restart-able from the cloud. Some DRaaS include rudimentary BaaS as a side-benefit
  • ‘Tertiary STaaS’ – Adding cloud-storage to one’s existing on-premises backup solution. These implementations can vary greatly from a third-usable copy via the cloud service to simply ‘block-storage’ that has to be remounted by the original backup application.
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