At .NEXT Nutanix Adds App & System Visibility to its Infrastructure-invisibility Foundations (video)

Intriguingly located just down the New Orleans Convention Center hallways from a cannabis-growers conference that was also called ‘Next,’ Nutanix just held its user and partner event. What were the folks at the Nutanix .NEXT event ‘smoking!?' This year it was a heady mixture of (to borrow the company’s theme) “freedoms” – not just in terms of infrastructure and on-premises IT, but also in terms of a hybrid multi-cloud world…and even personal progress.

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Taking Dell's Marketing to the Market - More From DTW (video)

As mentioned in my first blog reviewing the key takeaways from Dell Technology World (DTW), there was so much to cover that we decided to split our customary "ESG On Location" video into two parts. The first one covered some of the key technologies and announcements that were made at DTW, together with some overall insights about the event and the company

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Dell’s latest baby - DTW # 1 - is huge (Video)

We just welcomed Dell’s latest arrival - the inaugural Dell Technologies World event. For a “new born” it was pretty large and mature! Of course that’s because it was a rebranding of/from conferences-past, but it also did represent something new inasmuch as the collaboration and alignment across Dell’s constituent parts are what end-users want to well as being where added end-user value, as well as market and marketing upside, for Dell resides.

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Dell Technologies World: Power to the People

Dell Technologies World this week was about expanding the Digital Transformation story, this time through the entire technology family. With his keynote on Monday, Michael Dell extended the idea of digital transformation beyond simply a competitive necessity (“technology strategy is business strategy”) to becoming an engine by which businesses could positively change the world as “technology amplifies human activity.”

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Expectations for Dell Technologies World: The Family Comes Together

With Dell Technologies World next week, I have a few thoughts that I wanted to get out there before I become overwhelmed by the excitement these massive tech shows tend to foster.

And, let’s start with the most obvious and possibly fascinating part, the title, Dell Technologies World. Not Dell World, not Dell EMC World, this is a show bringing together the entire family, including Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream, and VMware as well. And that is a very good thing.

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RSA 2018: Securing (y)our Data, (y)our IT…and the World -- includes video

This year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco was held under the theme of “Now Matters.” To play off those semantics, one could clearly see the continuing shift in this industry from it being (in the past) all about matters of IT security, to (now) a world where IT security really matters. That’s not just playing with words - it’s impossible to over-state the importance of the endeavor that this event reflects and represents; but equally the burgeoning user needs and vibrant vendor competition creates a giddy atmosphere, in all senses of the word.

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In Conversation with Aruba's Larry Lunetta at Atmosphere 2018 (Video)

I recently attended the Aruba Atmosphere conference. As my blog and the ESG On Location Video report from the event (that I did with my colleague Bob Laliberte) both cover, this was definitely a cross between a tribal event and a family reunion, wrapped in the feel (but not the purpose) of a sales kick-off! Bob’s blog from the event does a good job of suggesting how broad the range of coverage and announcements was. That said, vendors in IT can often continue to be perceived by their initial offerings rather than their complete abilities. In that light I sat down to chat with Larry Lunetta, the VP of marketing for the security side of Aruba.

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In Conversation with IBM's Eric Herzog at Think 2018 (Video)

At IBM’s recent Think conference I grabbed the chance to spend a few minutes with Eric Herzog; his title is as long as his shirts are colorful, but basically he runs all storage marketing for IBM.

Eric is one of the most infectiously enthusiastic execs in the industry, and it means a lot can be packed into the six minute video interview. While the main topics are storage-focused, the conversation was broader, as clearly IBM recognizes the value of integrated offerings....not only because that’s what users increasingly want these days, but also because - conveniently! - IBM is one of very few vendors that can deliver a wide range of integrated solutions off of its own shelves.

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In Conversation with IBM's Ed Walsh at Think 2018 (Video)

At the recent IBM Think conference I managed to find some time to sit down with Ed Walsh, the GM of the storage division at Big Blue. As one of the company’s senior revenue-production-responsible executives, this 8 minute interview provides not just some crisp commentary on the division he runs but also some fascinating insights into the contemporary approach to business at IBM.

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Thoughts Ahead of Dell Technologies World (Video)

It's just a couple of weeks before Dell Technologies World - DTW being another acronym for our industry to embrace. 

DTW is guaranteed to be big and impressive - with so many moving parts within Dell and so many thousands of customers, partners, and employees in one place, there's an inherent dynamism that drives the event itself....even before the Vegas production values and stage/expo scale kick in. But there are underlying big questions about the nature of both Dell's business and the nature of the market in which it competes that are also fascinating. I sat down with ESG's Founder, Steve Duplessie, to chew over what we're expecting, and what intrigues us about DTW. 

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