What If Cloud-Backup-Storage was Free?

Not backup-as-a-service, but just cloud storage that could be used to supplement a backup. Sure, there are a lot of STaaS (storage-as-a-service) folks that will give you a small amount of capacity to try their platform, knowing full well that you are going to want more and be willing to pay for it.

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Cirque du Storage - Cool Acts from Drobo, NexGen and Symform

It's always interesting when you're made to re-evaluate and look at things differently. Cirque du Soleil has been doing that for years now; traditional 'circus' acts became fascinating entertainment that could make us stroke our chins or drop our jaws. In other words, something you thought you knew was presented in a new light. And yet the underpinnings of what Cirque does are not brand new - it did not invent the wheel or discover fire; instead, it took elements that existed already, and did something that no one had seen before. In other words it represents invention rather than discovery, but nonetheless it has created something compelling....not to mention the fact that it's generated a ton of revenue, spin-offs, and imitations.

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Stuff I saw at SNW 2012 Dallas

It's been a few years since I came to SNW - and while, the number of end-users appears to be dropping (my perception vs. recollection), the types of end-users appear to be exactly the right kind of audience that SNW was built for: storage savvy IT stakeholders looking for education on technology evolutions. I do wish that SNW would lessen its restrictions or allow a defined percentage of its sessions to actually mention products, as I heard some veiled sales pitches where the 'evolution trends' discussed by the 'experts' were coincidentally only manifested by that particular expert's product-line. Enabling some sessions to be product-informational might breathe some new life into that program.

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