Vendors under the radar: Syncplicity

Next up in my under-the-radar series is Syncplicity. I went back and forth about whether or not to include Syncplicity as an under-the-radar vendor. Certainly they wouldn't have qualified a year ago. But do they now?

An emerging product in an emerging market fighting for budget within EMC is a difficult position to be in. And one of the big story lines from the investors that took Syncplicity private is that Syncplicity has huge potential, but couldn't thrive in EMC because the sales models weren't aligned properly and they couldn't invest for growth. When it came to budget allocations, the products paying the bills got more investment (or Syncplicity's tactical integration with those products was prioritized versus more strategic development efforts).

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Thoughts on EMC's Syncplicity Spin-Out

EMC made a surprise announcement today that it is spinning out the Syncplicity division to private equity firm Skyview Capital. EMC will retain a stake in the new company (which will be called Syncplicity), and Skyview exec Jon Huberman will lead the company as the new CEO. Most of the Syncplicity team will move to the new company – though existing leader Jeetu Patel will move on to bigger and better things outside of Syncplicity. The good news is that Jeetu built a strong team and the new company will benefit from his legacy.

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Video Blog: Catching Up with Syncplicity

EMC acquired Syncplicity in May of 2012. Since then the company has been pretty quiet when it comes to announcing new functionality. Not completely quiet - it announced a new enterprise edition, and support for on-premises storage (Atmos and Isilon) - though data needed to be migrated into the Syncplicity environment even for existing Isilon users. There were other announcements, like secure shared links. But in a crowded market where Box and Dropbox seem to dominate the airwaves, EMC needed to make a splash. The new Syncplicity functionality does. The client is intuitive and easy, and (hallelujah) now has integrated editing (something Soonr introduced years ago but that has been slow to be introduced across the board - Accellion, Citrix Sharefile, and Workshare now have it along with EMC, but it is a small group of vendors that do it. As a frequent tablet user I truly appreciate this). EMC also added information rights management (IRM) policies for shared files like read/write, copy, print, watermark, screen capture, etc., to protect corporate data. It added some more collaborative and social features as well as admin rights. Watch the video for more details from Jeetu and Dave - and keep an eye out for a brief we are publishing that covers the new product in detail.

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