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What to Watch About Systems Management & DevOps @ VMworld 2017

Posted: July 19, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: VMworld, DevOps, Systems Management

system-management.jpgIt's always an exciting time as we start looking at the end of summer and the approach of VMworld. This year will be 10 years since I went to my first VMworld. I've seen VMworld grow massive over the years and shift venues back and forth from San Francisco to Vegas, back to SF, then back to Vegas. I know I'll always miss Cannes, although the Palais des Festivals wasn't the roomiest venue. The show is now tougher for me as my kids are now going to school and I have to miss the first day of the year.

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Applications Drive Hybrid Cloud, With On-Premises Being the Key to Hybrid, Not Public Cloud (Video)

Posted: July 12, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: hybrid cloud, public cloud, Systems Management, on-premises

Cloud Research Screen Shot.jpgTerri McClure, ESG's Senior Analyst for Cloud Infrastructure, and I did an ESG 360 video about the hybrid cloud research that I have conducted.  Two key points that came out of that research were the following:

  • Hybrid cloud is about applications and the infrastructure that supports them, not just about infrastructure, servers, and VMs. An application-centric view is the cornerstone of hybrid cloud and vendors need to recognize and adjust for this. This doesn't mean that infrastructure doesn't matter anymore, but the management and optimization of hybrid cloud workloads needs to be done at the application level, not the infrastructure.
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ServiceNow - A Platform for More than Just the Service Desk

Posted: May 31, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: ServiceNow, Systems Management

services.jpgI recently went to my first ServiceNow show, Knowledge17, and it certainly opened my eyes to the potential of the ServiceNow platform. First, I think that the size and scope of ServiceNow has flown under the radar of many in the IT industry. ServiceNow has over a $1 billion in revenue and Knowledge17 had over 15,000 participants, a huge number that rivals shows from Microsoft and VMware. There was certainly a level of buzz and excitement with the attendees and I think ServiceNow lived up to their expectations.

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ChefConf Showcases Chef and Continuous Automation

Posted: May 25, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: automation, Systems Management, Chef

automation.jpgIt can be said about a technology company that you know it has reached real critical mass when others in the space, including competitors, talk about supporting them with the phrase, "And of course, we support <insert here>." Chef is a company that has now reached that level. In terms of automation, Chef has reached a point of critical mass among companies looking to advanced their IT operations with automation, especially with Linux and containers systems.  

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Red Hat Lays Out Its Hybrid Cloud Vision

Posted: May 24, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: hybrid cloud, Red Hat, Systems Management

hybrid-cloud.jpgRed Hat held its Red Hat Summit 2017 in Boston recently and took advantage of the show to clearly lay out its hybrid cloud vision. Red Hat has been the undisputed leader of commercial Linux but its position in cloud has been complicated by all the different solutions it has on offer. In the past couple years, Red Hat has invested in OpenStack, OpenShift, containers, CloudForms, Ansible, and Insights. All these products are strong offerings but what Red Hat lacked was a more cohesive message around how all those products work together for customers.  

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Availability Comes of (Digital Life) Age - VeeamOn 2017

Posted: May 18, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: Systems Management, VeeamOn 2017

availability.jpgI've just finished up at VeeamOn 2017 in New Orleans and the show really was a coming out party for Veeam. As the leader in terms of availability and data protection, Veeam can define the space with its messaging and positioning. Thus, when Veeam presents a new vision for how availability is seen from today's digital businesses, it elevates how the industry should think about data.

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The Rise of No Code Development (Video)

Posted: April 26, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: Systems Management, no code development

For anyone who is following the world of enterprise application development, we are seeing more and more traction with the concept of no code development. No code development is the ability for line of business end-users to rapidly develop powerful applications with little to no actual code, through pre-built components and a visual interface. No code development is often supported by an underlying platform that provides the key components and features that can be repeatedly used in the applications.
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Is Multi-cloud More Marketing Than Reality? (Video)

Posted: March 30, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: cloud service providers, Multi-Cloud, Systems Management

EdwinYSteveD.jpgAs you survey the landscape of IT today, one of the hottest buzzwords is multi-cloud, usually accompanied by a variant of "Any App, Any Cloud," or a position that the company is agnostic to cloud vendors. In reality, we shouldn't blame them too much.  No one really likes vendor lock-in and unless you are a major player with your own large-scale cloud business, you have to be multi-cloud.

But like the term "Internet" in the late 90s and "cloud" itself not five years ago, multi-cloud is much more about using the term and having the label than what exactly it means or how enterprises benefit from it. In the video below, Steve Duplessie interviews me about the impact of multi-cloud support for vendors and customers.

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IBM Interconnect 2017: Sharpening IBM's Enterprise Focus

Posted: March 27, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: IBM, Cloud Computing, IBM Connect, big data and analytics, Systems Management

cloudy_sky.jpgIt certainly is an exciting time in the cloud landscape, with all the major vendors starting their summer show season and making their major announcements. At first glance, it can be a confusing world, with all the vendors giving similar messaging and along with it, promoting extremely similar features and functions.

One of the prime differences between the cloud vendors is how they are reaching out to and marketing at enterprise customers. For the "new," cloud-born vendors, much of their work started either with consumer applications or by getting new, emerging companies to use their services. Great examples of this would be Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. AWS certainly has ramped up its enterprise focus over the past two years, with a growing enterprise sales force and new purchasing options. As I noted in my blog about Google Next 2017, Google has made a significant shift with a new go-to-market effort for enterprise customers and new product announcements with a distinct enterprise product set. Both of these companies are leveraging their innovations and targeting enterprises with them.

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Google Next: An Enterprise Awakening for Google Cloud

Posted: March 08, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: public cloud, google cloud platform, Systems Management, Google Next

connected_cloud.jpgWhen I talk with companies and vendors about public cloud, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are always at the forefront of discussion. Right behind them is always a discussion of Google Cloud. Google Cloud is separate from the other two because everyone expects that Google will become a force in enterprise IT but the question is when and how. I think that we have now seen the enterprise cloud awakening of the slumbering giant called Google.

This week is Google Cloud's Next 2017 conference in San Francisco and I've seen a number of key shifts in Google's strategy in enterprise IT. This can be broken out into several areas:

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