2017 Data Protection Predictions (Video)

We’re already into 2017, so here are three topics that really ought to be reconsidered and/or focused on in order to ensure that as you modernize production, your protection strategies are up to the tasks at hand:

Cloud – While many organizations continue to investigate where cloud will fit within their data protection strategy, it is NOT inevitable that all things go cloudy. In addition, there isn’t one kind of cloud service that applies to data protection, nor is there a defacto scenario that universally screams “use the cloud, dangit!” (other than endpoints).

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"Tape" is not a four-letter word

In the 25+ years that I have been in data protection, much of it has been spent hearing about "better" alternatives to tape as a medium. Certainly, in the earlier days, tape earned its reputation of slowness or unreliability. But nothing else in IT is the same as it was twenty years ago, so why do people presume that tape hasn’t changed?

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Data Protection Predictions for 2016

'Tis the time of year to re-think how you did things before and what you might want to do differently in the future — in life, in IT and in Data Protection. To help you with those considerations, I'd like to share a short video on what we expect the more interesting trends will be in Data Protection in 2016.

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Plan for Hybrid Data Protection Media in 2016

More and more folks are first protecting their data (backups, archives, etc.) to disk — for several good reasons, including SLAs for data retrieval/restoration/recovery, deduplication efficiencies, etc. But as definitively as disk is the preferred “protection storage” as a second tier, the third tier is far less defined.

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Leap Year - Time to Talk Tape!?

On this 29th of February, there's the opportunity to do special-indeed, by definition, rare-things: if it's your birthday you actually get to blow out candles and of course there's the tradition that on this day it is OK for ladies to propose marriage to men. And today I celebrate by talking about tape! A few hours from now I'll participate in a webinar with Quantum (the details and registration can be found here if you're interested). Of course it will be available for replay afterwards if you're reading this blog after the event - I'm told it will even be available on days other than February 29th however! And I'll bet there will be backups and archives of it....

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