"Tape" is not a four-letter word

In the 25+ years that I have been in data protection, much of it has been spent hearing about "better" alternatives to tape as a medium. Certainly, in the earlier days, tape earned its reputation of slowness or unreliability. But nothing else in IT is the same as it was twenty years ago, so why do people presume that tape hasn’t changed?

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Spectra “Deep Storage”: Disk "Pales" in Comparison to Tape Buckets?! - includes video

At its recent announcement event Spectra laid out a bold and compelling move to make tape a more attractive place for organizations to store less-active-but-still-important data for the long term. While it can still be a contentious issue at times (not surprisingly, for some vendors don’t have tape in their portfolio!) the fact is that tape remains the least expensive digital storage media in terms of cost/TB and TCO. However, despite many advances in tape reliability, handling and ease of use over recent years, the tape industry has struggled mightily to shake the image in certain user-quarters of being something you’d want to avoid if you can, and something not well suited to the contemporary IT era.

As the following video shows, that could well all be about to change as a result of Spectra’s DS3 and BlackPearl announcements:

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