The barrier to wider adoption of solid-state storage

Included with this blog post is fifth in a series of seven videos that talk about the key findings from ESG’s recently published research report, Next-generation Storage Architectures. I collaborated with my colleagues Mark Peters and Scott Sinclair on the research. In this segment, I talk about one of the key, next-generation storage architectures: solid-state storage.   

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EMC’s MegaLaunch: Storage Specifics (Includes Video)

It might seem incongruous to be talking ‘storage specifics’ when discussing EMC – after all, isn’t it a storage company? Well, I mean this in two ways: Firstly, as we move to a more integrated world, so EMC is spending plenty of energy on discussing things other than storage per se; that’s all well and good, but it’s not the focus of this blog. Second, even storage now gets broader by the day; again, that’s all great but this blog is all about delving a little deeper into the ‘vanilla’ storage announcements at EMC’s MegaLaunch earlier this month. One final point here – ‘vanilla’ is neither a pejorative nor a comment on what EMC delivered, it is merely a statement that here I’m focused on the basics. So, to get a summary of the key points for the three main product areas (in this case VMAX, Isilon, and XtremIO) I pointed my video camera at three of EMC’s finest. Take a look at the video and then my comments follow.

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EMC’s 2014 MegaLaunch - a Tour de Force? (Includes Video)

Last week EMC held the fourth of what it has now established as its “MegaLaunches.” The scale of the events that surround these launches is consistent with the range of announcements that are included. EMC has never been a company that can be accused of being backwards about coming forwards, but even its most vociferous critics and ardent competitors would – albeit no doubt reluctantly! – have to concede that the substance that was delivered to the market last week had some real weight and value. Of course with so much to cover and comment upon it’s hard to do justice in one blog: however, with the help of my colleagues Terri McClure and Jason Buffington, I hope that this video blog will do a darned fine job of not only covering the announcement highlights but also giving you a flavor of the event. While the video itself is longer than we usually produce, I would – with all due humility – commend it to you as a great overview, as I think it feels way shorter than its 8 minute run time.

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NetApp Stakes Its Claims (with video)

NetApp recently held its annual Analyst Summit. As one might expect from a company constantly ranked as a good place to work, there was plenty of open-ness and a frank appraisal of where stumbles had occurred in recent years – the combination of delays in getting to clustered ONTAP, a massive government IT spending squeeze (significant for NetApp as it does a huge amount of government work), and the recent general softening of the overall storage industry had hardly been conducive to great times for this industry icon of ‘up and to the right.' CEO Tom Georgens summarized it simply by pointing out that there has to come a time when you simply “shut up and fix it." Well, apparently that work is essentially done, and so the Analyst Summit was in many respects a coming-out party. How did NetApp do? There’s some more written commentary below, but first here’s a 6 minute overview video with insights from my colleagues Terri McClure, Kevin Rhone, and Mark Bowker as well as me, and also discussions of the key takeaways that senior NetApp Executives (Tom Georgens, George Kurian, and Jullie Parrish) wanted to implant in the heads of the attendees and thence users and prospects.

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EMC World 2014 – Initial ESG Analyst Impressions (Video)

EMC World has always been a cornerstone event for the storage industry; driven roughly equally by EMC’s leadership position in the market and by its strong marketing abilities. At this year’s event (held last week in Vegas) there was an important new wind of change as the storage focus was noticeably expanded with EMC trading its customary [and sometimes over-stretched] thematic emphases of prior years for a fresh look at IT market and user directions and where the “Federation” (that is traditional EMC, plus VMware, Pivotal, and RSA) intends to play.

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Video Blog: 2014 NAB Impressions

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Video Blog: The Demand for Hybrid Online File Sharing Solutions

As part of my coverage of the file storage space, I always get asked whether those responsible for file sharing solutions within their organization are really comfortable moving their organization’s file data into the cloud. I’ve had plenty of anecdotal discussions that show me that some are, some are not. And comfort level with the cloud does not necessarily fall down the lines of regulated versus non-regulated environments. I’ve spoken to IT managers in regulated environments that are in or moving to the cloud, and non-regulated that are keeping data on prem.

So late last year we set out to research the topic and get some answers specific to the online file sharing (OFS) and collaboration world. We surveyed 334 North American IT professionals representing small (20 to 99 employees), midmarket (100 to 999 employees), and enterprise-class (1,000 employees or more) organizations to find out about their organizations’ usage of, interest in, and opinions regarding OFS services and deployment model preferences. All respondents were personally responsible for evaluating, purchasing, or managing information technologies needed to store, access, and share company documents and files for their organizations.

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Video Blog: What Does HP Stand For These Days?

Analyst events are about many things - strategy, product details, tactics, competitive actions, user stories, and corporate measurement statistics, just to give a few examples. Those are some of the factual aspects....but there's also another side to things which is very important. Big events such as this are also about setting a tone, and communicating an attitude.

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BaaS and OFS -- companies need both

At first glance, the services can be easily confused:

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Video Blog: Catching Up with Syncplicity

EMC acquired Syncplicity in May of 2012. Since then the company has been pretty quiet when it comes to announcing new functionality. Not completely quiet - it announced a new enterprise edition, and support for on-premises storage (Atmos and Isilon) - though data needed to be migrated into the Syncplicity environment even for existing Isilon users. There were other announcements, like secure shared links. But in a crowded market where Box and Dropbox seem to dominate the airwaves, EMC needed to make a splash. The new Syncplicity functionality does. The client is intuitive and easy, and (hallelujah) now has integrated editing (something Soonr introduced years ago but that has been slow to be introduced across the board - Accellion, Citrix Sharefile, and Workshare now have it along with EMC, but it is a small group of vendors that do it. As a frequent tablet user I truly appreciate this). EMC also added information rights management (IRM) policies for shared files like read/write, copy, print, watermark, screen capture, etc., to protect corporate data. It added some more collaborative and social features as well as admin rights. Watch the video for more details from Jeetu and Dave - and keep an eye out for a brief we are publishing that covers the new product in detail.

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