The barriers to being mobile-first

Mobility strategies are riddled with challenges as companies look to balance the end user experience with a productive environment. ESG research casts some light on the challenges businesses are facing and provides a perspective on potential opportunities to align with the top goals of decision makers and security teams.

Topics: endpoint security threat management Enterprise Mobility

The Incident Response “Fab Five”

I’ve been focused on security analytics for several years, and spent a good part of 2015 investigating technologies and methodologies used for incident response. Based upon lots of discussions with cybersecurity professionals and a review of industry research, I’ve come up with a concept I call the incident response “fab five.” Enterprise organizations with the most efficient and effective incident detection and response tend to establish best practices and synchronization in 5 distinct areas:

Topics: Network Security Cybersecurity incident response threat management

Big Data Security Is Inevitable

There's been a fair amount of discussion about the fact that security analytics is becoming a big data problem. I participated on a big data security panel at RSA and I believe there were a few others on this topic as well.

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