Top Three VDI Challenges (Video)

VDI is alive and well as it helps businesses transition to Windows 10, simplify patching and updating, and deliver secure workspaces. However, when I speak with IT pros, they share common challenges that still need to be addressed by the IT vendors. While these VDI challenges have been consistent, IT vendors have an opportunity to provide further clarity for their customers. The IT vendors can also take the opportunity to help IT pros cross organizational boundaries with metrics and educational tools that help arm the IT pros with language, value propositions, and benefit analysis that tones down the IT speak and amplifies the value to the business. 

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Can Citrix and Dell Help Businesses Improve Productivity through Better Communication?

Citrix and Dell recently announced a “thin-to-win" strategy, snapped into a Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) solution. And, while some may think VDI is dead (I assure you it’s not), these two iconic companies also popped together a VDI appliance. Here’s the high-level overview:

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Look Ahead Through The Rear View Mirror

I'm in the midst of my US naturalization process. Aside from anything else, one of the requirements in the process is to provide details of overseas trips one has made over many years as a resident in the US. Since I've changed jobs, laptops, and even calendar applications over that time, fulfilling the task necessitated finding the cache of old physical diaries that were lurking in a closet somewhere. More on this in just a sentence or two....

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