The gold standard for data protection keeps evolving

Yes, of course, data protection has to evolve to keep up with how production platforms are evolving, but I would offer that the presumptive ‘gold standard’ for what is the norm for those on the front lines of proactive data protection is evolving in at least three different directions at the same time. 

Here is a 3-minute video on what we are seeing and what you should be thinking about as the evolutions continue.

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Veeam: nice guys still finish first

I just left Veeam's analyst summit (in Napa, which is fantastic). Normally I don’t do analyst days (as we have legitimately smart analysts who do them), but I wanted to know more about this company who successfully latched on to the virtualization movement and never let go. Plus, did I mention it was in Napa?

Suffice it to say that Veeam is one of those "once in 25 years" success stories. They use their own money, grow at an insane pace, print cash, and have become the envy of not only the “availability” world, but anyone in this generation of tech.

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Data Protection Predictions for 2016

'Tis the time of year to re-think how you did things before and what you might want to do differently in the future — in life, in IT and in Data Protection. To help you with those considerations, I'd like to share a short video on what we expect the more interesting trends will be in Data Protection in 2016.

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The battle between containers and VMs

A titanic battle is looming over the IT horizon: containers vs. virtual machines. Hypervisors like VMware’s vSphere have held hegemonic sway over the virtualized server infrastructure landscape for more than a decade. But now the age of the hypervisor seems to be in peril.

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What I Want to Talk About at VMworld 2015

In 2015, the question is no longer “Can I get a reliable backup of a VM?” 

With vStorage APIs for data protection (VADP) now being mature since 5.5, through 5.8 and up and coming in 6.0, shame on any backup solution that cannot reliably back up VMs using host-based APIs. Shame on vendors who only back up VMware and not Hyper-V with parity--but that is for a different blog, after VMworld.

Today, here are the questions that folks should be asking on the topic of “How agile can my restore of those VMs be?

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VMware's Project Bonneville - Containing the Container Contagion?

Containers, Docker, Kubernetes. What do all of these things have in common? From VMware’s perspective, they represent an existential threat to their hypervisor world order. Enter “Project Bonneville” - a VMware initiative to maintain the vSphere order of things by intertwining the roles of containers and VMs on server infrastructure. 

By VMware’s own admission, containers and hypervisors essentially do the same thing. They both abstract resources on a physical server. The difference is that hypervisors, like vSphere, virtualize the hardware while containers virtualize software--in this instance, the host operating system. 

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Why Red Hat’s Investment In VMTurbo Matters

In a bid to help accelerate the adoption of the Open Stack cloud computing platform in traditional enterprise data centers, Red Hat recently made an undisclosed investment in VMTurbo, a Boston-based software company focused on automated virtualized and cloud infrastructure resource management.

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EMC RecoverPoint for VMs is Another Step Forward in vAdmin Enablement

This week, EMC released RecoverPoint for VMs (RP4VM). For storage administrators, RecoverPoint has long been seen as the seamless synchronous/asynchronous storage replication of choice for EMC storage, to deliver higher levels of resiliency for enterprise workloads. But for virtualization administrators, it was part of the “magic” that made the storage under the hypervisor surprisingly durable – or perhaps not even recognized at all.

With the RP4VM release, enterprise-grade storage replication is now in the hands of the VMware Administrator (vAdmin). RP4VM is made up of three core components:

  • A virtual appliance for replicating to another appliance on a different host
  • An I/O splitter that captures disk I/O from the hypervisor, and weans a copy for the appliance
  • A vCenter plug-in for management
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What I Am Looking for at VMworld 2014 … a Data Protection Perspective

For the past few years, the big data protection trend in virtual environments was simply to ensure reliable backups (and restores) of VMs. That alone hasn’t always been easy, but with the newer Data Protection APIs from VMware (VADP), that is becoming table-stakes – and the real differentiation coming from the agility to restore (speed and granularity), as well as manageability and integration.

And while there is certainly still a lot of room for many vendors to improve in those areas, the industry overall needs to move past the original question of “Can I back up your VM?” and even past “How quick can I restore your VM?

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vBlog: How to Ensure the Availability of the Modern Data Center

When you really boil down the core of IT -- it's to deliver the services and access to data that the business requires. That includes understanding the needs of the business, its dependencies on things like its data, and then ensuring the availability of that data.

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