Taking storage intelligence “outside the box”

Do you have a certain word or phrase that every time you hear it is the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard? Sometimes publications, such as TIME magazine, will actually publish a list of banished words or phrases that the nation is simply sick of hearing. In case you were interested, recent lists have included over-publicized terms such as selfie, YOLO (you only live once), and literally (when you really mean figuratively). For me the term that—figuratively—brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it is “outside the box.”

The original premise for that phrase was so promising: take a seemingly intractable problem and look at it from a different perspective or from a different point of view to find a creative solution. Through over use, however, the idea of outside the box thinking became both trivialized and a bit insulting. Have a problem? Try thinking outside the box. Didn’t work? Oh well, good luck then. It takes a considerable amount of work and effort to find and create unique perspectives and look at problems in new ways. The source of my frustration is that the overuse of the phrase trivialized the hard work that it takes to truly find new perspectives. So what does this have to do with enterprise storage?

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Dot Hill Gets Real(Stor 2.0) Strong Software Functionality (video)

A few weeks ago I wrote about some of the surprising effort and capabilities that Dot Hill puts into its hardware platforms. Today, it unveiled its most comprehensive and compelling software functionality yet: RealStor 2.0. In a nutshell, it offers every major storage capability that a mid-range user could want, plus a few that until now those users thought were the strict preserve of enterprise systems alone. I recently spoke with members of the Dot Hill product and maketing teams to produce a succinct video summary of the RealStor 2.0 highlights

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Lobsters with a Side of Virtualized Storage Performance

If you're in the IT industry and you live in New England and you haven't heard about the Summer Slam, you should definitely consider attending this awesome event. If you've attended in the past, you've experienced the value of hanging out with your peers at one of the largest regional IT end-user groups in the country. Besides the knowledge that you gained from presentations from industry experts and vendors at the show, I'm sure you appreciated the great lobster boil that's free for qualified IT users. During my 11:00 session, you’ll learn about trends, technologies, tips, and tricks from the field based on ESG Lab hands-on testing in virtualized environments. And you’ll leave with a list of freely available storage benchmarking tools, best practices, and benchmark results with a goal of optimizing storage performance in your virtual environment.

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