Veritas has a Singular Vision....(includes video)

 In line with the convenient Latin root of its name, Veritas demonstrated that it was holding true to its established vision, at its equally-conveniently-named Vision conference last week.

What “truths” were there? On the entertaining side of things we learnt from Lynn Lucas (CMO) that humans have way more than five senses, that Mike Palmer (CPO) remains a wonderful stage storyteller (in this instance with a Dystopian IT future pastiche), and that guest-speaker Richard Branson – following on from the awful recent hurricanes – has not prioritized buying new socks!

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Veritas Vision Recap: Leveraging Data for Multi-Cloud (Video)

I've just come back from Veritas Vision 2017 and my colleague Mark Peters and I shot an ESG On Location video report from the show. Now, traditionally, Veritas has been known only for their backup and data protection solutions like Backup Exec and NetBackup. The changes for Veritas have been coming since their spinoff from Symantec last year.

This year, we saw a continued rebirth of Veritas, with a strong positioning of itself beyond simply being a data custodian and manager to being a data insights provider. Veritas is strongly embracing a multi-cloud, hyperscale product portfolio, with new products centered around data access and data management. This is an extremely smart move on Veritas' part, leveraging the strong access they have to data, across on- and off-premises, to transform themselves into providers of that data access. 

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